Protesters smash windows, vandalize buildings in Portland, Seattle following Biden inauguration: Reports

Leftist agitators took to the streets of Portland and Seattle on Wednesday, attacking federal property in Oregon and Washington state, respectively, and denouncing newly inaugurated President Joe Biden as a stooge of the “establishment” political machine, The New York Times reported.

The violent scenes made for a jarring contrast with Biden’s inauguration, where he vowed to ease national tensions, and pointed to difficulties ahead for the new president.

Leftist mobs lash out

Upon taking the oath of office Wednesday, Biden said that “politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire” and called for unity, according to Fox News.

But across the Northwest, activists came out to say that change isn’t happening fast enough. They plan to keep pushing until their demands are satisfied, from abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to defunding the police, The New York Times notes.

In Portland, leftists brandished banners with messages like, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge,” Fox reported. Others called Biden a “feckless puppet of the centrist Democratic establishment,” while some burned a Biden flag, according to The New York Times.

Meanwhile, a mob of roughly 75 rioters smashed the windows at Portland’s Democratic Party headquarters, reports noted, while another, 150 strong, was dispersed with tear gas by federal agents after vandalizing an ICE facility with the message: “Reunite families now.”

In Seattle, some 100 protesters — some said to be aligned with Antifa — went through the city’s downtown chanting “f*** Biden,” handed out flyers with messages like “Biden will not save us,” and smashed windows at another American institution, the first Starbucks, according to the New York Post.

Biden issues tepid response

On the campaign trail, Biden infamously gave the left-wing Antifa a pass, calling the group a mere “idea,” and was accused by then-President Donald Trump of failing to take law and order seriously. Following Wednesday’s violence, Republicans called on Biden for a response, but received none.

“I’m waiting for [President] Biden to condemn violence/looting/arson last two days in Oregon [and] Washington state,” GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA) said in a tweet, according to Fox.

Asked to comment Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki issued a tepid answer, saying the Biden administration is “monitoring” the violence, The Post Millennial reported.

As journalists Glenn Greenwald and Andy Ngo have remarked, the media-induced panic of potential pro-Trump violence on Jan. 20 fell flat. Nevertheless, Biden appears to be preoccupied with the threat of ostensibly right-wing “domestic extremism” after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

In the meantime, these leftists are going to keep squeezing Biden until he gives them what they want. How will he respond?

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21 Responses

  1. This is what happens when the loons are in charge of the asylum, it is either law and order or no law and disorder. You can not have both.

    1. The Democrats embraced the Antifa and Black Lives Matter when they could have put a stop to them but no, they are friendly protesters. Any one with a brain would have known they were nothing but a bunch of thugs that want every thing given to them with out them having to work. The Democrats say they want to lock up all people that supported Trump but they didn’t have sense enough to put a stop to the Thugs before they got out of control.

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  3. biden supports violence his own country. He will use violence by the gummint to disarm you and you know it!

  4. All of this negativism is only going to lead to chaos, and that’s what the instigators of these rioters want……NO government, NO law and order.

  5. as ye sow so shall ye reap. karma in other words. by burning down their own cities, demoncrats are making their own lives miserable. next they’ll complain there is nowhere to shop in their neighborhoods. you cannot fix stupid, and no “biden will not save you.”

  6. Antifa and the Liberals have the same philosophy, guilty before proven innocent.
    Who is right and who is wrong when they’re both the same.
    I guess holding a Gun to Biden’s Head is the best and only way to get what you want, right?
    Rock and a hard place for the Left.
    Why not capture Antifa and put them in the Capitol Hill’s Parking Lot till their trial date comes up? I mean what harm can they do down there, Liberals are always on vacation. Besides, the National Guard will look after them as they’re already down there.
    Or, just ignore them Joe, they’ll go away.

  7. Give the Antifa what it wants? What it wants is to take over the whole country. Read their manifesto people. They spell it out quite clearly for you. They are not for a Trump, Biden, or Harris administration. They are for a Marxist regime and say won’t be settling for less. Most of the people of this country are not ready for that. So far, their tactics in Democratic states, have appeased them, so they are emboldened. Why should they stop now?

  8. This “selection of the doddering fool obiden & the prancing whore harris cannot be permitted to stand if we are to continue as a souverein
    Constitutional Republic. We are NOT A DEMOCRACY. Never was…never will be!!!

  9. Arrest the ring leaders and don’t bail them out anymore! What in the world are people thinking? Some of the leaders of the violence perpetrated at the Capitol Building were Antifa thugs that were seen, arrested and then released with bail money raised by Left Wing Politicians all over the country. Go figure!

  10. Biden better step in and stop this crap! The demonrats have their heads so far up their axxes they can’t get a breath of fresh air! Stop calling this “peaceful protests”! This is insurrection, the governors need to call for military intervention to stop them, arrest and prosecute the guilty, and Biden needs to grow a pair and behave like a president, NOT an enabler!

  11. Democrats really are air heads! You think for one minute, these domestic terrorist, give a 💩 about you or your cause? Why don’t you ” woke ” the hell up. They are coming for you. You’ve made yourselves easy prey. They’ve already, jacked up the portland narcissist mayor and the govna. You are all totally section 8 libretards. They are comin. You hear footsteps?

  12. Whoopeee, let the good times roll!! It’s interesting to see the ‘one time’ defenders of the ‘peaceful protest’ facing up to REALITY. They have unleashed a MONSTER and I’ll be watching to see if the “lily-whiter’s” are as anxious to “bail out” these innocent bystanders as they were when the previous administration had to withstand their wrath.

  13. I smile and keep praying.
    Prayer is work but it works.
    God never loss, is not losing and will never lose.
    I can’t name a single democrat leader who is a practicing Biblical believer! The White House had several under #45

  14. biden, harris, and their baboons are destroying America , which one is singing while they are doing it, bidden is the new nero

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