SNL mocks Biden’s difficulty in responding to questions

Conservatives have long alleged that President Joe Biden’s declining cognitive health has made him mentally unfit to serve as commander-in-chief.

However, a recent broadcast of Saturday Night Live suggests that even some on the left are beginning to agree. 

According to Fox News, the famously liberal-leaning program featured a scene this past Saturday in which comedian Colin Jost made fun of the president’s inability to handle reporters.

They really did it

During a segment called Weekend Update Jost played a news anchor who was reviewing footage of Biden interacting with the media.

“This week, President Biden pardoned thousands of convicted marijuana users, and it feels like maybe he celebrated with them a little bit, because yesterday, Biden gave a speech at a car factory, and he opened with this,” Fox News quoted Jost as saying.

The scene then cut to a clip of Biden giving a speech at an automotive plant in Hagerstown, Maryland in which he said, “Let me start with two words: Made in America.”

“Well, let me respond with two words, Jesus H. Christ,” Jost jokingly said in response before referencing an incident last week in which the president complained about reporters shouting questions at him.

“Biden was then heard criticizing reporters at the White House for shouting questions at him. Questions like, ‘what year is it?’ And ‘who’s the current president?’

It was a rare insult.

Not “cognitively fit”

“Questions like, ‘what year is it?’ And ‘who’s the current president?” the host remarked before adding, “Also, they weren’t reporters, they were doctors.”

While Jost implied that Biden’s cognitive deficiencies could be due to him smoking marijuana with some of the drug offenders that he recently pardoned, former White House physician and current Texas Rep. Ronnie Jackson believes it is due to senility.

Fox News reported last year that Jackson called on the president to undergo a cognitive fitness test, telling network host Sean Hannity, “He’s not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now.”