National Guard soldier serving in DC found dead in hotel room: Reports

As National Guard troops remain stationed in Washington, D.C., more than two months after a riot on Capitol Hill, a growing number of Republican lawmakers are demanding a justification.

In addition to the argument that there is no clear evidence of a further security threat, the mission now includes the tragic death of a 26-year-old guardsman deployed to the nation’s capital.

“Apparent medical emergency”

A soldier identified as Spc. Justin Grennell, serving with the New York National Guard, was reportedly found unresponsive in his hotel room last week and was declared dead after attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Reports indicate his death remains under investigation by local law enforcement.

Stars & Stripes confirmed the death in a report published on Thursday, though the deceased was not identified since his next of kin had not yet been notified.

According to that article, the off-duty soldier was discovered in his room at the Marriot hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue — about one mile from the Capitol complex.

A D.C. Joint Task Force spokesman indicated that the individual died of an “apparent medical emergency,” but no further details were provided.

“Our thoughts are with his family”

New York National Guard Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Ray Shields issued a statement lauding the deceased as a soldier who “stepped forward and enlisted” when called to act.

“All of us in the New York National Guard are deeply saddened by the death of this young soldier,” the statement added.

In the wake of the Jan. 6 riot, Shields noted that the soldier “selflessly deployed” to D.C., adding: “Our thoughts are with his family in this most trying time.”

Local reports described Grennell as a Marcellus, New York, native who had been part of the state’s 540-troop Guard detachment deployed to the nation’s capital to bolster security at the Capitol following the civil unrest earlier this year.

After first enlisting in 2014, Grennell went on to earn multiple awards for his service and participated in the Guard’s mission to support the pandemic response across the state between April and June. He was the recipient of several commendations, including the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

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17 Responses

  1. It will probably come out he was a victim of the “control-us-virus”, NOT the fact these soldiers were fed undercooked food full of metal filings, and treated like DIRT by the corrupt democommunists behind their fences and razor wire.
    Time to close down “fort pelosi” .

      1. Send them all home where they belong. TAke down the fences sn barbed wire. Why is it there. Buttttt don’t put a wall up to keep immigrants out. Pelosi. You suck

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  3. Pelosi demands Troops guard the Capitol for her benefit because she is afraid someone will kill her. This is because Pelosi has done many crimes to us citizens.

  4. Agree to all posts! And yes, Piglosi and Biden ARE doing something wrong! They are destroying our country! Piglosi is afraid she will be found out, because she is guilty of setting up and paying for the capitol fiasco! Indict her, charge her, convict her, prosecute her and remove her from congress! She is the enemy in the house, and unfit to be speaker!

  5. That boy should not have died! His parents should file a wrongful death law suit against Piglosi! SHE demands that the guard be ther to protect her skanky old arse!

  6. Its time for our elected officials to put a stop to all the crap with Pelosi and all the other politicians destroying our country. When do our leader grow a pair and put a stop to all this corruption and turn this country around, back to he way it was in God we trust! All real Americans need to get on the wagon and tell our elected officials enough is enough.

  7. We need to configure a way to get this Administration out of Congress. They are making too many wrong moves. Late last night, the next scheme planned is to spend 4Trillion on a Infrastructure Bill because the Democrats know that their time is very limited. The fear is pork spending to line their pockets and over all destruction of our country. The people that died at the Capitol may have opposed their plan and that is why they were killed. Puts one in the mind of Benghazi all over again. We need better Leadership. Leadership that makes sense. What does not make sense is how could Joe have won, in his frame of mind? He never was successful in 47 years, he is not now either!

  8. Yes, and the attack on the Capital was planned and arranged by Pelosi and Shumer and a host of Communist Dimrats. The dressed up many Antifa and BLM Communist on President Trump paraphernalia and was invited into the Capital by the Capital POPO upon Pelosi’s orders. What bothers me the most is that, even Conservative Reporters, do not have the courage to report this. Republican politicians are gutless to say it! Would someone please tell me WHY!

  9. When is the Pentogon going to stop this Socialost agenda Coup from takeing We the Peoples’ country and turning it to third world?

  10. I would not rule out he may have had some information they didn’t want to leak out. I put nothing evil past this administration. Those National Guard need to be back with their families!!

  11. Bring them home, send the aliens to the garages in DC and behind the Pelosi fence, NOT the convention center in Dallas, send the Biden Communist Regime home and Pelosi to jail for treason/ conspiracy/ and a vote of NO Confidence. The other rodents will desert the ship for fear of being next.

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