Some Democrats say it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go

Nancy Pelosi made history in January of 2007 when she was sworn in as the first ever female House speaker. More recently, Democrats have won majorities under Pelosi in 2018 and again in 2020.

Yet despite that track record, a new report suggests that some within her own party believe it is time for Pelosi to step aside. 

“We really do need to grow new leaders”

Among them is New Jersey Rep. Mikie Sherrill, who told CNN this week, “I certainly have long thought it’s time for new leadership. She’s done an incredible job, but we really do need to grow new leaders.”

Sherrill, who CNN noted did not support Pelosi in her most recent speakership run, said that age was a factor in his feelings.

“When you have the top three people in our caucus in their 80s. … There does need to be a new generation coming up and starting to lead. And that’s something that I think the Democratic Party shouldn’t be afraid of,” the lawmaker insisted.

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips echoed that feeling, saying, “It’s time for generational diversity of our leadership ranks – regardless of the outcome of the election.”

Phillips went on to call Pelosi “one of the most extraordinary speakers in history,” but added, “That doesn’t change my perspective that it’s time for a new generation.”

Some Democratic House members say Pelosi’s fate hinges on election

Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez said that his support for Pelosi will be contingent on how Democrats perform at the ballot box in November.

“I think if we win the House, she’ll deserve it – it’s as simple as that,” Gonzalez said of another term for Pelosi. However, he added that “it changes the game” should Republicans gain a majority.

Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed that Pelosi’s fate will ultimately hinge on what happens later this fall.

“I think if we’re in a minority then I think that the desire for change will be broader, potentially within the party. But I think that desire exists,” she told CNN.

“We saw and heard that desire in the last two terms that Democrats were the majority, so it really is just a question of, not if people want that, but how many?” she added.