Some Republicans criticize own party for excessive spending

Republicans have long criticized Democrats for engaging in reckless spending. Yet as Fox News reported, several conservative lawmakers argued this week that their own party hasn’t been blameless.

GOP senator “Republicans are complicit”

One of them is Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis, who told Fox News Digital that “Republicans are complicit” in America’s deteriorating finances.

“Republicans need to face the music and reclaim the Republican Party as the party of fiscal responsibility,” she added. “It’s as if we have forgotten who we are as Republicans.”

Texas Rep. Jodey Arrington echoed those concerns, saying, “Both parties share some blame. I think the lion’s share of the damage done to the balance sheet is from big spending socialist Democrats.”

“But look, I came here in [2016] where we had single party rule with Republicans,” Arrington acknowledged.

“Republican president, Republican House and Senate, and we did things like waive provisions to force us to pay for things,” the congressman recalled. “We blew through spending caps and restructured higher spending caps to get an omnibus spending package done.”

Some Republicans push back

However, Alabama Rep. Gary Palmer was quick to point out that much of the spending former President Donald Trump signed off on was necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a misrepresentation… to a certain extent about the spending under Trump because so much of that, I’d say the vast majority of that, occurred in 2020 when we really didn’t know what we were dealing with, with the pandemic,” he said.

Given this, Palmer complained that it is “a bit of a stretch” to point fingers at Republicans for the massive growth in America’s debt load.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville agreed, saying that while “President Trump spent a lot of money on COVID,” Democrats “spent money on other things.”

Still, Tuberville admitted that the GOP has to improve, insisting, “Everybody needs to look at their own house and we better clean it up. We can’t spend anymore.”

In August, Fox Business cited a report from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business which found that President Joe Biden’s new student loan forgiveness program will cost taxpayers upwards of $900 billion while disproportionately benefiting the wealthy.