Soros-funded group calls for drop-box, mail-in balloting this November

A group funded heavily by billionaire progressive George Soros is now lobbying strongly to allow voting by drop box or mail-in ballots in the November elections, according to Breitbart.

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School has floated a document advocating mail-in voting for all states, drop-box collection of ballots, and other permanent changes to the electoral system that many suspect will benefit Democrat candidates and leave the entire process vulnerable to widespread voter fraud.

It’s too dangerous to vote in person because of coronavirus, the center and other groups argue, apparently ignoring the substantial challenges the task of authenticating mail-in votes and drop-box voting would unquestionably pose.

Electoral integrity at risk

Not surprisingly, members of the mainstream media establishment have enthusiastically jumped on the mail-in bandwagon, given their desire to see Democrats gain any advantage possible in this and future elections.

A few states like California already have mail-in voting, and the related practice of ballot harvesting has been blamed for some Republican losses there that occurred in the 2018 midterm election, according to Fox News.

Ballot harvesting is essentially the practice of allowing party operatives or other third parties to deliver quantities of votes to election officials, contaminating the chain of custody of the ballots themselves along the way and potentially paving the way for fraud.

At the other end of the election reform spectrum, however, are Republicans — including President Donald Trump —  who have long called for voter identification laws to be put into place as a means to safeguard the integrity of elections at all levels.

Far-reaching effort afoot

In addition to using the Brennan Center and the American Civil Liberties Union to push for voting changes almost certain to harm Republicans and help Democrats, Soros was also involved in getting people to push their congressional representatives to appropriate the funds necessary to make the desired voting changes. Breitbart reported that those efforts produced upwards of 19,000 constituent calls to Capitol Hill on a single day.

Stand Up America is campaigning for the push, and that group is funded by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, an entity for which Soros has generated millions of donor dollars, according to Breitbart.

Other Soros-funded groups including Common Way and Public Citizen have also been involved in the advocacy work on this issue.

It’s all one big circle with Soros, and many of these progressive groups lead right back to him and his frighteningly deep pockets.

As the Washington Post pointed out, mistakes on a large scale would be inevitable on the part of mail-in voters, and without poll workers present to help them, the accuracy and overall integrity of our national elections would be in serious jeopardy if these dangerous so-called reforms ever came to pass.

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