Sorry, dad! Cocaine discovery at White House brings July Fourth embarrassment

 July 5, 2023

July Fourth celebrations at the White House were overshadowed by an embarrassing discovery: cocaine in the West Wing. 

While the person responsible has not been identified, many suspect that it is Hunter Biden.

The discovery led to an evacuation of the premises Sunday night. At the time, Joe Biden was with his son at Camp David.

Cocaine found at White House

The drugs were found during a routine check by Secret Service on Sunday night. The discovery led to an evacuation and a call to the fire department, which found a "yellow bar saying cocaine hydrochloride.”

A preliminary test identified the substance as cocaine, and the analysis was later confirmed. The narrative from Biden officials is that the white stuff was found in a "heavily trafficked area" that is open to guests, although tours of the West Wing are by invitation only.

“The president think it’s incredibly important to get to the bottom of this,” Biden's press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday.

House of corruption

Whoever is responsible, the cocaine caper has drawn attention to the decadence of the current administration, dubbed the "Sodom and Gomorrah White House" by Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick.

It was only weeks ago that a "trans" influencer caused a public outcry by flashing his prosthetic breasts on the White House lawn.

Happy Fourth?

A report in Politico that the person carrying cocaine is "unlikely to be found" fueled fresh anger and speculation about special treatment being doled out to the president and his son, a notorious crack abuser.

The scandal added a layer of unintentional irony to the administration's Independence Day messaging.

"Nothing beats Fourth of July at the White House," Biden tweeted.

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