‘Sour grapes’: Former Trump adviser blasts Pelosi for downplaying significance of Abraham Accord

While many leaders across the U.S. and around the world are praising the Trump administration for its role in brokering the so-called Abraham Accords, not everyone is acknowleding its historic impact on the Middle East.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dismissed the accord, which establishes normalized relations between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, as a “distraction” — and one author chalked her reaction up to “sour grapes,” as reported by Fox News.

“Particularly wealthy and influential”

Michael Anton, a former deputy national security adviser to President Donald Trump, made his comments on the matter during an appearance on Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Reports this week.

In addition to international praise, the president’s efforts have led to him being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. Anton thinks the recognition is warranted.

“To get two at once like this, and two that are particularly wealthy and influential in the region and the regional economy and regional politics is a very big deal,” he said.

Pelosi, on the other hand, is notably less enthusiastic.

She claimed it was “good for him to have a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of the people that are dying from this virus only increases.”

“Opens the door for trade”

The House speaker made her assessment last week during a CNN interview.

“Sour grapes,” Anton said in an attempt to explain her stance. “If this were easy to do, other presidents would have done it.”

While he said he did not mean to frame his remarks as “criticism of all the other presidents” who were unsuccessful in brokering Middle East peace, he credited Trump for taking a new approach to the situation. As a result of the administration’s work, he said Palestine is more “isolated” and theoretically faces more pressure to engage in future peace talks.

Pelosi was not the only public figure to stop short of heralding the accord as a declaration of peace. NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell received mixed reviews for her assessment that, while “today’s agreements open the doors for trade, travel, and tourism,” they do not amount to “Middle East peace.”

While the road toward peace in the region is still long and uncertain, the role of the Trump administration in moving talks forward should not be ignored — even for political reasons.

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