Southern border human smuggling attempt results in 2 deaths

Breitbart News reports that a recent human smuggling operation, across the U.S.-Mexico border, went terribly wrong, leaving two illegal immigrants dead and several others injured. 

Details about the incident have been provided by Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez.

What happened?

It is not immediately clear when the situation took place. It appears, though, to have occurred over the weekend. The location was Brooks County, Texas, which is roughly 80 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

A sheriff’s deputy was parked outside of FM 755 when two vehicles – a Ford F-150 pickup truck and an Excursion SUV – drove past him at a high rate of speed. The vehicles were traveling so fast that, by the time the deputy went to pursue them, the vehicles were too far away to engage in pursuit.

This high rate of speed, however, would be the smugglers’ undoing.

The crash and the aftermath

At an area known as “dead man’s curve, the drivers of the vehicles lost control and crashed. The F-150 ended up rolling into a gas pipeline, and the Excursion directly hit a tree.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene. One of the immigrants was pronounced dead at the scene, while another was pronounced dead after being taken to a nearby hospital. 12 other immigrants would end up being taken to different nearby hospitals with injuries.

The smugglers – that is, the drivers of the vehicles – appear to have gotten away.

Not much more information is provided about the situation, which is currently under investigation. The illegal immigrants who were taken to the hospitals are believed to have been from Mexico and Guatemala.

It’s not the first time

Deadly smuggling operations, like this one, are not as uncommon as one might expect. There, in fact, have been several similar situations that have taken place just this year. In Brooks County alone, over 80 illegal immigrants have been found deceased.

It goes to show the dangers involved in illegally crossing the southern border.

Border Patrol, in the 2022 Fiscal Year, is witnessing a staggering number of illegal border crossings. The figure is believed to be upwards of 2.2 million.