Special counsel should be appointed to probe Biden family business deals, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton says

Tom Fitton, president of conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, is reiterating his call for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the allegations of “family corruption and shady business dealings” involving President Joe Biden’s family.

“The conflicted Biden Justice Department cannot be trusted to engage in any meaningful oversight on this issue,” Fitton wrote in an op-ed first published in The Washington Times. “We need a special counsel now.”

Allegations persist

In the op-ed, Fitton pointed out the parallels between the allegations of corruption and foreign conflicts of interest leveled against Biden and against former President Donald Trump. “The false narrative that Democrats concocted to hobble the Trump administration four years ago is now the real deal with Joe Biden and his family,” Fitton writes. “And unlike President Trump, who faced unprecedented institutional resistance and Deep State resistance, President Biden can likely count on the Justice Department and the media to allow him to escape meaningful scrutiny.”

Critics have long questioned whether some of the Biden family’s foreign business dealings constituted serious conflicts of interest or even corruption — questions which the mainstream media has mostly ignored or downplayed as no big deal. The questions are largely centered around the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and his lucrative dealings with a corrupt energy firm in Ukraine as well as his deals with various businesses and individuals in China that were linked to the Chinese communist regime. Hunter Biden is also currently under investigation over tax-related issues.

President Biden’s brothers have also come under scrutiny, with the key factor linking everything together being that Biden’s family members appear to have traded on his name and political influence to enrich themselves — potentially with the new president receiving a cut of the action.

Time for a special counsel?

Fitton previously launched a petition at Change.org that calls for the immediate appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Biden family’s questionable business deals and apparent financial links to corrupt individuals and governments. The petition garnered 200,000 signatures, Fitton said, evidence that there is public interest in the matter.

In his op-ed for the Times, the Judicial Watch president argues that the appointment of a special counsel is both warranted and required to probe the allegations surrounding the Biden family — far more so than in the case against Trump.

According to Justice Department regulations, a special counsel must be appointed when; (a) That investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by a United States Attorney’s Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances; and (b) That under the circumstances, it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside Special Counsel to assume responsibility for the matter.

There certainly appears to be a conflict of interest with regard to Biden’s Justice Department being tasked to investigate his own family members, and there is definitely an overwhelming amount of “public interest” in the matter of whether or not the new president’s family has corruptly enriched itself.

The China factor

Fitton further argues that there is evidence to suggest that communist China interfered in the 2020 election in Biden’s favor — a gambit that already appears to be paying off:

“Cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline will divert Canadian oil west to the petroleum-hungry People’s Republic,” Fitton writes. “Re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement gives political cover to China’s excessively polluting dirty coal industry, in which Hunter Biden is heavily invested. Mr. Biden’s State Department on Day One removed a page on its web site that contained a comprehensive assessment of the threats China poses to the U.S. and its allies, and an emboldened Beijing slapped outrageous sanctions on outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and 27 other former Trump officials. Does China have corrupt leverage over President Biden?”

The American people deserve an answer to that one.

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22 Responses

    1. Absolutely correct….they need a special investigation to look into Hunter’s wild major money deals with enemy countries for at least 9 years and the Biden’s all had their hands out for easy money….Joe’s brother and sister and Joey himself…listen to the evidence they will tell you he was called the big guy…really how smart does someone have to be to go ahead and put someone who is already lying and breaking the law…that’s is who you Dem’s put in the WH…idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Must not be very smart. Clinton is still footloose along with Obama and all others and their henchmen. No lowlifes gotta WASTE TAXPAYERS MONEY CHASING TRUMP

  1. Not that it matters but this article is comical.Prior to Trump the DOJ was looked on as an independent, impartial branch of the gov’t. Trump’s attacks on DOJ and his attempts to make them less than impartial was the problem . A legitimate DOJ inquiry may be warranted, but they should be given the chance to do their job, before they are attacked. Special counsel are reserved for situatuations where the DOJ has been compromised and it would be wise to use a “special” counsel. This is an attempt to politicize everything.

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  3. It is very important open the investigation to family Biden , specially Hunter Biden about his business with China.

  4. Biden isn’t President. This is all a game to make sleeping citizens wake up. He’s been broadcasting with the others from a studio in California. The set failed many times already- you can see it’s not what they are portraying. When the truth is revealed those who remain asleep will not believe what the cabal did, when they are completely exposed–and all their dirty deeds–Truth is coming. There is no way Trump (who IS President) and the legitimate military–would ever allow America to become a totalitarian state. Do your own research.. and you will find the truth everywhere…not from big tech nor the mainstream media, who are part of the cabal.

  5. Just who can be trusted to do and investigation into the Biden crime family and who will pick that investigator??? Right now the Biden criminal administration has control of everything. I agree with Judicial Watch but the deep state and msm are too powerful.

  6. Seems like this might be too little, too
    late. ALL of this mess should have been looked into BEFORE Biden was
    even allowed to run for office. Now look what he has already done to our economy and to our people. All because some stupid, money grubbing and power hungry people want revenge on Trump. Hope you enjoy
    your run because it won’t be sweet!

  7. I agree completely! I appreciate all that Judicial Watch does!! God Bless you. Biden and the Democrats are out to destroy America!

  8. He and his family should be investigated, but now that the Dems are in control, nothing will happen. What a total shame. America has gone so far down hill it will be almost impossible to recover. Interestingly we didn’t have all this hate and diviseness until Obama came into power and the Dems have multiplied it over the last four years. God must be crying. I know I am.

  9. I knew that Biden would be bad but this is ridiculous.
    To close the 10 Billion dollar Keystone Pipeline has already caused gas prices to spike.
    Why does Biden want to let in all these illegals ?
    And now Biden is kissing up to both China and Russia.
    This thing is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  10. I totally agree with Tom Fitton, the entire Biden Family need to be investigated.
    Joe himself, son Hunter and Joe’s brothers and sister. There is collusion all the
    way around with them. And there is video of Joe bragging what he did in the Ukraine and threatening to withhold funds it a certain government official was not fired within 6 hours of his visit when he was Vice President.
    Judicial Watch is doing a great job in investigating wrong doings, including
    Hilary Clinton and the truth will come out.

  11. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH all the comments.
    Biden will never be my president. TRUMP IS still my president.

  12. Agree with all above posts! We, the people, must demand Biden, Harris, Piglosi, Schumer and the rest be impeached ASAP! They work for us, we don’t work for them! This is OUR country, we must preserve it!

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