Special master asks Trump about claim FBI planted evidence

Former President Trump is being questioned by the special master tasked with reviewing the records seized during the August search of Mar-a-Lago about his assertion that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hid evidence on his Florida property.

According to The Hill, Trump’s special master, Judge Raymond Dearie, instructed his attorneys to submit a sworn declaration.

The inventory is required to contain “a list of any specific items set forth in the [FBI’s] detailed property inventory that plaintiff asserts were not seized from the premises,” according to the special master’s instructions.

The former president made the claim just two days after his home was searched by the FBI: “Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be alone,” he wrote in a post on his social media platform.

The former president went on to say that “without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting.’”


Trump claimed that the FBI may have planted evidence during the search as recently as Wednesday night during an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News.

“The problem that you have is they go into rooms — they won’t let anybody near — they wouldn’t even let them in the same building. Did they drop anything on those piles? Or did they do it later?” he said.

According to The Hill, no supporting evidence has been provided for these assertions by Trump or his counsel, and the Dearie plan also urged the attorneys to list the contents.

Dearie has already sought the Trump legal team twice for support of its accusations. The attorney reportedly requested the former president’s attorneys to clarify if he had ever declassified the intelligence documents discovered in his house, according to a Monday filing from Trump’s team.

Trump remains careful with his remarks

In earlier legal filings, Trump hinted that he might have done so but refrained from claiming it outright.

During a meeting on Tuesday with representatives from the Justice Department and Trump’s team, Dearie expressed her frustration.

Trump attorney James Trusty told Dearie that the former president’s representation were “not in the position” to explain the claim.