Ex-Fox News personality Stacey Dash denounces Trump, steps away from politics

Actress Stacey Dash has attracted praise and scorn alike in recent years because of her outspokenness on partisan matters.

In a recent statement, however, the Clueless star said she is no longer interested in being seen as an “angry, conservative Black woman.”

“It was who I was”

The former Fox News Channel contributor revealed to the U.K.’s Daily Mail that she regrets her time as a controversial political commentator and no longer supports former President Donald Trump.

In her public statement, Dash opened up about what she described as a personal transformation.

She acknowledged that her time in the political realm damaged her reputation and prospects for career advancement, leaving the public with an image of an “angry” person she said does not reflect who she really is.

“I’ve lived my life being angry, which is what I was on Fox News,” she said, according to The Washington Times. “I was the angry, conservative, Black woman. And at that time in my life, it was who I was.”

Though her stint at Fox News ended just a few years ago, Dash said she would “never” consider working for the conservative-leaning network now.

“Very arrogant and prideful and angry”

Pointing to the “appalling and stupid” riot on Capitol Hill earlier this year as a turning point, she vowed to give President Joe Biden “a chance” going forward. Furthermore, she said that her support of Trump put her “in some kind of box” with which she does not identify, declaring that “he’s not the president” anymore.

Part of her problem, she said, stemmed from “prideful” comments she made, including a defense of Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexicans and in the wake of the Charlottesville rally, as well as her calls for Black History Month to be abolished.

“There are things that I am sorry for,” Dash said, according to the Times. “Things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them. They were very arrogant and prideful and angry. And that’s who Stacey was, but that’s not who Stacey is now. Stacey’s someone who has compassion, empathy.”

Nevertheless, she still addressed the difficulty of being “blacklisted” in Hollywood due to her conservative views, as well as her continued opposition to abortion and traditional feminism.

“Right now I feel like women need to support men, lift them up, love them and respect them,” Dash declared. “On the other hand, it’s a two-way street. If men want us to do that, they have to respect us, cherish us, adore us, love us. We can’t do one without the other. We need each other.”

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26 Responses

  1. Dash, if you have come out as now supporting Biden Then-you never was never a conservative! No one in their right mind could support a child killer thru abortion, etc! If you were angry as you said , that’s your personal problem!

  2. Dash how pathetic you are! Times are tough and you bail out and support Biden! A person who believes in killing babies at 9 months!!! Wow! Plus he opens the borders to anyone in this time of a virus! You wasn’t a good conservative!

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  4. To: Poor Ms Dash, I guess your career advancement means more to you than being honest. Fox was your stepping stone and you thought being a Trump supporter would get you to where you wanted to go. Boo-hoo! You have no integrity or moral high ground to judge anyone including President Trump. Read the truth about Jan 6 instead of using lies to blame your career limitations on being a Trump supporter. I agree with the rest that you never were a true supporter.

  5. Dash : Dash away back to stupids ville. Face reality! You R an angry black woman , which stems from your liberal views not from. Conservative values. Now that you’ve also resorted to blaming Trump. Blaming conservatives an frankly blaming anyone other then yourself for your failures! THAT IN AN OF ITS SELF REFLECTS UPON YOUR VERY OWN IMMATURITY AN LACK OF SELF DISCIPLINE.
    ” GROW THE HELL UP ” .

  6. This kinda applies to what everyone is saying. The Church of Scientology has so many Hollywood elites, yet they are doing things that resemble the Democratic Policies. Funny California has Pelosi, Harris, Newsome, and many more. The Scientology belief says anyone that disagrees with their beliefs should be rooted out and smeared. Stacy Dash and many others do not look at the policies and are focused on what Trump may have said. He did not let Hollywood and bureaucrats push him around like nearly all of the White House. Dropped taxes, stood up to China, built wall that now seems like the right thing. Then for Biden to come in and undue good things is corruption at its worst. What a bunch of power hungry losers.

  7. Yet another RINO! Another person riding the political wave. Another fake rolling with the tide of public opinion of those in power at the moment. Another fool blaming Trump for the actions of angry supporters who were fed up with watching the left steal the office of president from the person we voted to represent us. The supporters were disgusted with what was happening. They acted, one time….aggressively from the frustration of watching the election being stolen. Does everyone forget the left and their years of riots? The death, destruction, mayhem, civil rights abuse, first amendment abuse heaped on peaceful conservatives? Oh, wait….that’s right, only liberals have constitutional rights…what was I thinking? Yes, the intrusion into the building was dead wrong and should not have happened. How many of those invaders were liberals? How many years had the liberals attacked? They burned DC the day Trump took office and didn’t stop the full time. They cheated and stole the election. Conservatives should shut up and accept the theft? Our founders would have gone to guns long before this. These invaders didn’t go to guns….or locks in socks, or ball bats, or any other violent means of demolishing the opposite party. OH, ANS TRUMP DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS AT ALL.

  8. So what she is saying if you are conservative you have know hope in the media industry outside of fox news so she is sucking up to the leftist mob pathetic no principles or self respect

  9. Stacey Dash: You apparently were either scared into changing your affiliation because of your career, or you turned out to be a snow flake. The Dems are nothing more than communist, whose intent s to destroy America at any cost. You need to open your eyes! Biden and his entire family are extremely corrupt, including many others. Biden and Harris are not officially our leaders. They stole the election through the Fraud that the Dems and Elites committed.

  10. I know your conservative stance hurt your career and for that I’m truly sorry. I have enjoyed you over the years as an entertainer and actress. I hope you won’t give up your viewpoint as a conservative, but hope you will be able to once again find work. It is a shame that those in Hollywood have the kind of power to limit or eliminate one’s career, just because your viewpoint is not theirs.

  11. I have no clue who she is, I don’t watch Fox or any of the MSM propaganda network’s. No cable, If I have a desire to see what’s going on in this demented world I’ll take a glimpse at OANN or Newsmax.

  12. The liberals got to her pure and simple. Threats, intimation and career ending job losses were too much to handle. That’s how communists rule.

  13. She was always a mouthpiece that was non-essential. No one really paid her much attention. I thought she was a b- actress sort of like markle.

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