Graham calls on Biden to rein in Democrats, ‘stand down’ on impeachment

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has issued a sudden warning to Joe Biden: If you want “healing,” back off Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) “scarlet letter” impeachment of Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, Graham shared his message on the latest episode of the network’s Sunday Morning Futures, saying Biden will prove “an incredibly weak figure in American history” if he does not rein in his party.

Graham: Back away, Joe

Democrats, and some Republicans, want to brand Trump with “T” for traitor for “incitement of insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, when a mob of his supporters stormed the building.

Trump, who is leaving office Wednesday, is now the first president to be impeached twice — and current plans make him the first to face impeachment after his presidency is over.

President-elect Biden has endorsed the effort, while calling on the Senate to continue with the “urgent business” of fighting the coronavirus and confirming Biden’s staff.

But Graham said that it would behoove Biden to “stand up to the radical left” and call off the “unconstitutional” and “insane” move altogether, adding that it will only divide the nation further.

“This is a Scarlet Letter impeachment where the Democrats are trying openly to disqualify President Trump from ever holding office again after he leaves office,” Graham said, according to Fox. “This has never been done in the history of our country.”

Same to Schumer

Sen. Graham also sent a letter to incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asking him to drop the “unconstitutional act of political vengeance,” the New York Post reported.

“Such a gratuitous, meaningless effort…is neither worthy of our great institution, nor a service to our great Nation and the American people,” Graham implored. “It will incite further division.”

Polls show that half of all voters, and the majority of Republicans, are against the effort. While much remains uncertain about a Senate trial, Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said that he might vote to convict Trump. Trump could then be barred from seeking office again.

Graham, for his part, told Fox that Biden is “off to a lousy start” and that “it would be so easy for him in the name of healing this country to tell Schumer to stand down impeachment.”

“It’s being driven by the radical left and what is Joe Biden doing? He’s sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing,” Graham said, as Fox reported.

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25 Responses


    1. democrats are trying to destroy America this needs to be stopped / their alleged leaders are the worst in America and need to be removed

    2. I totally agree ! It’s also a BIG waste of tax dollars to continue this lunacy. I hope that the stupidity/greed of most the Democrats/Liberals (and probably some Republicans who are really Democratic leaning) will cause their party to implode !! Let’s get back to some kind of normalcy. Stop spending our tax dollars on stupid things and trying to help the entire world and help the US FIRST !! Charity begins AT HOME !! I pray for this country. We are going to need it the next 4 years ! !!

    3. Democrats are killing America trying to impeach Trump again your acting lik children in stead of helping the people your so against TRUMP your destroying the people and our great country at least TRUMP understood the people

    4. AMEN!!!! Thank you!!!!! (All their accusations for 4+ years, have been a “Sham” and a witch hunt, due to their distorted hate for President Trump. He wasn’t a Politician, so ran this country as a business and did a super job, with economy, foreign leaders; wasn’t a “kiss Arse” person. He loves this country; but was fighting the worse type evil, from within this country!!!!)

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  3. Graham is right, but will Biden listen? Schumer won’t because his “ honey” Piglosi wants to crucify President Trump, and what old honey wants, old honey gets, or else! Piglosi is the one who should be impeached and removed from congress for dereliction of duty, using her office for political gain, sedition, treason, and many other charges. SHE is a clear and present danger to our country, a national security risk, a domestic terrorist. Remove her ASAP!

    1. Democrats are killing America trying to impeach Trump again your acting lik children in stead of helping the people your so against TRUMP your destroying the people and our great country at least TRUMP understood the people
      I agree with you get her out

  4. Graham, they will want something in return, so get ready to become a Liberal. I mean, isn’t there enough knee bending RINOs already.
    Tell them to kiss your derriere and get ready for a fight.

  5. Mitch McConnell, it will be a total disgrace if you agree to impeach President Trump after he leaves office. I’m just sorry I made donations keep you in office – what a mistake. Stand up with Lindsey Graham in requesting Biden to take charge and start healing Americans. Biden, you have done nothing to heal so far. All you are doing is adding more fuel to the fire. McConnell, don’t be another RINO and abandon the Republicans. God help this country with Biden as our President!!

  6. Lindsy Graham is the connoisseur of fence staddlers one of the best. A gold star winner. Because if the Republican Party stuck together like the Democrats this take down of Donald Trump, and his supporters, could not and, would not even be possiblity
    Like the rise of the Phonix they know Trump will be back again with all of his 75Million voter and they also know their gig is up then. So they are willing to sacrifice our country so they can stay in power.

  7. PRAY! God will vindicate Trump! Our God loves America and as we pray He will move and save our nation! He is reliable!!!! Just watch and see!

  8. We have to do than pray. Americans have to stand together, remind these politicians that they work for us, we pay their salaries. I know someone out their knows how we can fight this legally, in a way we can get these traitors out of office and defend Trump! Anyone who shows the degree of vindictive behavior has to have something to hide. Let’s find it!!,

  9. According to the constitution he cannot be impeached as a US citizen! By the time they could get a thing started he will be out of office! Read some of lawyers that teach the constitution!

  10. President Trump will always be the best, and more then likley the smartest in awhile. But having done all he has for this country and the people, the treatment he got. WHY WOULD HE WANT TO win again. This country and some in his own party, stood by and let proably the biggest crook around get his office.

  11. Trump was a great President god help us now we Americans need to stand together and show how much we we loved him and stand together through this and the next four years

  12. We are doomed! With Biden in the White House and Pelosi in the House and now Schumer in the Senate? We have dementia in the White House and out right crazy in the House and Schumer doesn’t seem to be capable of standing up to Nancy. I don’t know what will happen the next 4 years, but their calls for Unity are hypocritical as long as they are trying to punish President Trump for something he did not do, just because they are afraid he will run again and they won’t have the mail in voting to cheat their way to a win next time. If they need the amount of security in DC that they have, maybe they are more worried about the fact they know they didn’t win legally?

  13. If the FBI/DOJ know about foreign money and bribery of the Videos, why are they not charged with treason and in jail now? And Americans voted him to run our country? SICKENING!

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