State attorneys push for end of 'catch and release' over terror threats

October 15, 2023

A group of Republican attorneys general are calling on the Department of Homeland Security to end its catch-and-release efforts over terror threats.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody led the group of over two dozen Republican state leaders in the request to the agency.

The letter

“Given the massive flood of unvetted migrants into the interior of our country, there is no way to know who is in the U.S. or if they plan to enact terror on Americans,” Moody said in a statement.

“Given the risks illustrated by what happened this weekend in Israel, I am leading a coalition of 27 attorneys general taking action to force the Biden administration to enact responsible rulemaking to ensure our nation’s security at our southern border,” she continued.

A growing concern

Moody also turned to social media in her push against the Biden administration's border policies following terror attacks in Israel.

"Terrorists are attacking #Israel and yet, @JoeBiden is keeping our U.S. border wide open. More than 260 suspected terrorists have been encountered at our SW border during the Biden administration—and no one knows how many have made it through undetected in the more than 7 million illegal immigrants who have crossed," she posted to X.

"I am leading a coalition of 27 AGs taking action to force Biden to follow the law, secure the border and prevent even more terrorists from entering the United States," she added.

Helping Americans in Israel

Florida also responded as one of the first states to offer free flights to Americans stranded in Israel following attacks by Hamas.

"Under the leadership of@GovRonDeSantis, DEM is arranging chartered flights for Floridians needing safe transportation from Israel - completely free of charge," the Florida Division of Emergency Management announced.

"If you’re in need of evacuation, please visit and fill out the form," it shared.

Moody and her fellow Republicans continue to push for safe borders despite the Biden administration's policies that increasingly put the nation at risk.

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