12 states sue Biden admin over climate change executive order

A dozen U.S. states are taking the Biden administration to court over the projected impact of an executive order related to climate change.

According to reports, Missouri is leading the coalition by suing the Biden administration as well as other government agencies based on the argument that the news regulations will hurt workers as well as the larger state economies in those states.

“The magnitude of the regulatory costs”

The other states represented in the suit are Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah.

At issue in the case are the social costs of Biden’s executive order, particularly the “interim values” of $269 billion for carbon dioxide, $990 billion for methane, and $8.24 trillion for nitrous oxide for a total of roughly $9.5 trillion, as determined by an interagency working group created under the order.

“This number gives some idea of the magnitude of the regulatory costs on the American economy that the Interim Values would justify,” the suit asserts.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt issued a statement regarding the claims being made in court, declaring: “Under President Biden’s executive order, which he didn’t have the authority to enact, these hard-working Missourians who have lived and worked this land for generations could be left in the dust.”

As the suit claims, Biden’s order “will destroy jobs, stifle energy production, strangle America’s energy independence, suppress agriculture, deter innovation, and impoverish working families.”

“What good does it do”

The assessment of a “social cost” to the environmental issues at hand “is an inherently speculative, policy-laden, and indeterminate task, which involves attempting to predict such unknowable contingencies as future human migrations, international conflicts, and global catastrophes for hundreds of years into the future,” the states argue.

In addition to the Biden administration, the suit was filed against Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture.

When the American people learn of the economic toll trillions of dollars in higher energy costs, not to mention untold lost jobs, will have on the economy in years to come, a huge number are not going to be on board.

After all, even if the U.S. does meet its goals of reducing the nation’s climate footprint, other nations like China and India seem to be offsetting any environmental benefits.

During his recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, former President Donald Trump mentioned that issue as a core flaw in Biden’s environmental agenda, declaring: “What good does it do when we’re clean, but China is not and Russia is not and India is not. They’re pouring fumes and we’re trying to protect everything and building products for three times more than is necessary.”

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31 Responses

  1. It is a good idea to get Biden into court to defend his, or his advisors, decisions. He is at present very remiss in communicating to the American public, and voters, which is increasingly worrisome to all citizens.

    1. An even better idea is to remove him from office before destroys our nation. Biden is a etrain wreck and should be removed while there is still hope to recover.

      1. I agree. Biden is in over his head and has no idea what he is doing. He needs full mental evaluation and then placed in an appropriate home.

    2. Never seeing JB or KH again would be a great thing for the USA……Their practices of making the USA a home for illegals that only come here to receive welfare and all the other benefits at the tax payers expense is the inane mind of the DEMS/RINOS……They are bringing more health problems for our children, and the rest of all legal citizens, besides bringing looters, robbers, rapists, drug dealers, and killers…….

  2. Finally someone is thinking through the economic impact to our economy, which has already been devastated by a pandemic and lockdowns in industries that should have been working with precautions in place. There was a creative way to keep people working but nobody was using their “think outside the box” skills they learned in business. Thank you for also pointing out that with other countries not helping the air will continue to be polluted all over with the US footing the enormous financial impact. This could and probably will crush our economy.

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  4. It has nothing to do with clean air, or clean anything else. It’s all money one, or more of Biden’s buddies is going to make a bundle out of this.

  5. Follow the money . Al Gore has been at this forever and is now worth 100 million and never had a job. I am worth about two hundred and fifty thousand .I had a gob driving a chemical truck for over 25 years . A lot of what we hauled went from Occidental chemical to Lyondell in Houston. We were hauling the chemicals that makes the gasoline octane booster. The chemicals all came from Occidental to be blended at Lyondell. Each area has a different blend so the booster is mixed on demand at Lyondell , not at occidental.
    Gore says Occidental did not make the stuff Lyondell made it . Occidental only made all the chemicals that go into the mix. Lets take a look at this his company makes all the chemicals that are required to make the booster but doesn’t make the booster. He tells the E.P.A. what is needed to make the stuff and it just so happens his company makes the stuff that goes in it . His father built that company along with Armond Hammer and he inherited it. in the seventy’s we still remember the oil embargo. Gore shut down the Alaska pipeline which forces us to purchase oil from the enemy’s of the USA. At that time Occidental didn’t have anything to do with the Alaska deal. It did however have a claim in Iraq or Iran. So Al has it set up to where we have to purchase products that his company that owns a huge stake in the country’s that we are forced to purchase oil and then Occidental makes the materials that go into the booster. As a young man in my twenty’s I tried to run a service station in the seventy’s . I was forced out because of the embargo. For a while I could only purchase one half the gas i needed to pay the bills . I was forced out of business . I didn’t make enough to pay the rent being only allowed to purchase and sell one half of what was needed to sell in order to make a living..
    Trump got it up and running in a few years and now it is all being shut down again . Ever wonder why ? It is not the environment. Its Al’s and the democrats money and control over you and your family’s life .

  6. Georgia not on Board !! Georgia voters should remember politicians from our representatives -senators-governor & everything in between should be remembered at all elections and rewarded accordingly !! Including past failures to take action ! I am amused at politicians that boast about voting conservative but do NOTHING to support. Many write useless articles but no support or even advising constituents of “facts”. Georgia desperately needs truthful-working conservative leadership & conservative voters are the only conduit to make this happen.

  7. Well, if it reaches the SCOTUS, don’t worry. Bribem will pressure them telling them just as he did with pressuring the SCOTUS not to weigh in on the legality of Trump’s immigration policy.

  8. Millions did not care for Trump. Regardless, we have to admit he never allowed himself to be owned by others! JB on the other hand was totally owned and managed by others from day one and these regulations and policies and changes are the results of some very bad advice and self serving actions being put upon the American people under JB’s watch. Coupled with major economic impacts which started on day one when this administration took over the worst is yet to come!

  9. The crisis at the Border is a Mexico problem. Had Mexico took control of their Cartels the people there could live freely. This is not America’s problem. Then Mexico should not “tread on us”. This is how SCOTUS should rule. Come on Justice John Roberts, drop the hammer.

  10. Glad Arizona has joined this lawsuit. Now the keystone pipeline must be started up again. The states involved should file suit to re open building keystone, get the people back to work and get it done! Also, the border state governors should close their borders, refuse to allow anyone in until this crap is stopped! Biden is obama’s Stooge, time to impeach him, Piglosi and Harris!

  11. The dems are in the process in congress of permanently corrupting all our elections so there is no chance for ANY OTHER PARTY TO GAIN POWER. We are now a faschist dictatorship!!!!!!!

  12. Why follow the fake senile, pedophille, criminal, dictator president? We do not have to follow the wrong, stupid, foolish, executive orders, or are we all duped and brainwashed by stupid evil, or are we like a bunch of docile stupid animals? We can choose to fight back like intelligent human beings as the way God created us, right?

  13. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with Patty!!! We MUST rig our Country of the USA Haters{ Bidum; Harris AND Especially, PIGLOSI (Wicked Witch of the West).

  14. For more than 20 years, they have been saying that global warming will kill us all. I suspect they will still be saying it 20 years from now. The “climate scientists” will keep on saying it to keep their paychecks flowing. Before the global warming hysteria, these same scientists were warning of a coming ice age. None of their predictions have come true. It’s all about the money!!!

  15. Biden’s recent “1st Speech” to the country was such a joke! He never entered the chamber or room where there was presumed to be an audience, but stopped and spoke from the hallway, apparently at the door. No audience was ever shown or heard. The hallway was lined with foreign flags, with one shabby American flag stuffed into a corner at the farthest end of the hall. When he got tired of speaking, he just turned and walked away, again not acknowledging the presence of any audience and not taking any questions, even though a couple of people apparently attempted to ask questions as he left, but were silenced as he totally ignored them! So much for a “President of the people”, who won’t even acknowledge the presence of any people! The White House must be nearly a ghost town since his dogs have been evicted! I wonder if the cast he had on his foot a while back was because his own dogs bit him? Ah, yes! A man of the people! Even his own son Hunter has disappeared!

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