Australian news host shreds ridiculous ‘study’ on new ‘mental condition’ of climate change skepticism

Those who fervently believe the adamant claims and dire predictions about the negative impacts of man-made climate change have increasingly sought to marginalize and silence the others who ask questions or express skepticism about such claims.

One climate change-focused psychologist has now asserted that those who are skeptical of climate change claims are likely suffering from some sort of “mental condition” or disorder, according to Australian Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

In a rather tongue-in-cheek monologue heavy with dry wit and sarcasm, the Aussie host exposed the absurdity of the overtly biased and partisan pronouncements of an Australian psychology professor named Dr. Rachel Sherman.

The supposed “mental gymnastics” of climate change skepticism

Sherman recently published an article in which she addressed the supposed “mental gymnastics” of what she called climate change denialism based on the findings of a decidedly unscientific survey she conducted of 390 purported climate change skeptics in Australia.

As a result of her “study,” Sherman concluded that “older people were more likely to be skeptical of the reality of climate change; conservatives were more likely to be skeptical of the reality, causes, and impacts of climate change; and lower environmental values were strongly linked to all types of skepticism.”

Also lumped in as likely to be mentally disordered climate change denialists were people whose “priority is individual autonomy as opposed to a more collectivist worldview.”

Those with high analytical abilities tend to be the most skeptical

However, as Bolt noted at one point in his humorous monologue, Sherman actually admitted something that is rather damning to her fellow climate change-obsessed believers — namely, that people with “high analytical abilities” tended to be the most skeptical of climate change claims.

“I had no idea that people with high analytical abilities were a problem here,” Bolt said. “But I guess I see it now — why don’t skeptics just accept what they are told, instead of analyzing things, testing them.”

“I mean, how are we gonna save this planet if people keep asking questions like, you know, will this do any good, really? Is this really worth the pain? Are you sure Australia’s emissions can really make a difference? Things like that. Stop,” he added.

Countless examples of climate change “predictions not becoming reality”

Bolt further proceeded to satirize Sherman’s conclusions about why some people, particularly those with “higher analytical abilities,” tended to be climate change skeptics, such as adherence to “alternative science” that doesn’t align with the climate change consensus, that climate change is natural and cyclical, or that politicians have “ulterior motives” for pushing climate change solutions.

Primarily, though, Bolt shredded Sherman’s assertion that skepticism based on “predictions not becoming reality” was simply due to their “basic misunderstanding of model-based climate projections.” Bolt then shared several examples of drastically wrong predictions, but concluded, “Just my sick mind talking, and I apologize to you.”