Leftist agitator John Sullivan selling book after getting paid by media for Capitol riot footage

Following the riot at the Capitol in January, some have speculated that not all of the participants were supporters of former President Donald Trump, but that at least some in the crowd were leftist agitators looking to cause chaos.

That appears to be true in the case of John Earle Sullivan, a leftist activist from Utah who is facing federal charges for his role in the riot, but has also found a way to enrich himself because of his participation in the incident, the Washington Examiner reported.

Book for sale, paid by the media

An organizer and leader of a leftist group known as Insurgence USA, Sullivan also bills himself as an independent “video journalist” and documentarian. Now, he is attempting to sell a book that ostensibly provides an insider account of the Capitol riot.

Titled Insurrection: Uncovering the Storming of the United States Capitol, the book’s description paints Sullivan as an innocent bystander who was merely documenting what “alt-right militants,” “rebels” and “confederates” were doing to prevent the certification of the 2020 election.

The Examiner noted that this is just the latest money-making scheme of Sullivan, who goes by the moniker of “JaydenX” in his videos, as various media outlets paid him for the videos that he filmed during the riot.

Four invoices were obtained and publicized that show Sullivan was paid $77,375 for various licensing agreements to use his video footage from the riots.

That includes $35,000 each from both CNN and NBC Universal, as well as $5,000 from the Showtime cable network and $2,375 from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Federal charges for role in riot

Nevertheless, Sullivan was not merely a journalist attempting to document the Capitol building riot, but instead was a willful participant and agitator who actively encouraged the violence that occurred, as per a Justice Department press release announcing criminal charges against him on Jan. 14.

The charges include one count of knowingly entering and remaining within a restricted building, one count of violent and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and one count of interfering with law enforcement efforts to deal with the civil disorder.

An affidavit from an FBI special agent also laid out the probable cause and evidence supporting those charges, based on interviews with Sullivan and a review of his video footage as well as that of others. Taken altogether, and in light of Sullivan’s audible encouragement of the disorderly conduct, it is clear that he was not simply documenting what was happening, as he and the media have fraudulently claimed.

According to local Utah outlet KSL, Sullivan is still facing pending criminal charges related to his organizing and participation in a protest-turned-riot in Provo, Utah, in June 2020, during which an innocent motorist was shot and vehicles were damaged by a crowd Sullivan helped organize.

Far from being a supposed journalist, Sullivan is, in fact, a leftist activist and agitator. With the help of an ideologically friendly media, he has capitalized on his own participation in an event that the media has dishonestly attributed entirely to one group.

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23 Responses

      1. You bet the anti-American, Racist, Criminal Corrupt, Liar, DOMMIE DemoRATS, ALL BECOME $MILLIONAIRE AND $MULTI-MILLIONAIRE from all the DARK CASH MONEY THEY RECEIVE.

        1. Exactly. Gotta have a job to get a salary. These leftist rioters dont have jobs. Thats why they hVe time to go out rioting and organizing riots. Free time and NO JOB!

    1. I said from the beginning that he was paid by the Demon Rats to do this so they could blame Trump open your eyes America Biden is a lost soul pray for him he is delusional and we all know the election was rigged by the Demon Rats Trump is our real President not dementia Joe Obama biden

  1. If the information above is correct CNN and NBC and others should be held accountable for the damages and false news being spread about MR. Trump’s involvement in the riot. I doubt if CNN and NBC are going to stop the false news or acknowledge there part . Mr Sullivan mentioned in the above article should be held accountable for the results of his actions.

    1. Europe imposes HUGE fines . . .
      Please look up “Big Fines and Strict Rules Unveiled Against ‘Big Tech’ in Europelease ” this is a grreat idea, why shouldn’t America adopt it?. . .and while we’re at it includeany and all media!

      1. Please forgive me. I have an appointment with my eye doctor Moday. Lots of scar tissue behind my lenses making it very difficult to see. Hoping for good results and better posts!

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  3. Yhe truth is coming out and I hope the democrats will admit that someone in their party had something to do with the riot. Remember the bartender AOC and her story about someone trying to get at her, she pits herself on a shelf and thinks men are admiring her enough to try to break in her office to get her. I think some of the Democrat senators and congress had something to do with it, not able to pin it but they had ways to go, like NBC had to get the riot started and filmed. Why would they pay someone to film the fiasco? Someone started it, and I believe the Trumpers were agitated enough that they thought they were protecting . When, as always, a fight can get out of hand.

  4. As a LIBERAL he advertised to his group on FaceBook that has no community standards for Democrat pukes As many as could needed to infiltrate Trump supporters gathering at the Capitol. CNN and MSNBC each paid him $35,000.00. He should be prosecuted. MSNBC and CNN should be prosecuted and any money that he was paid should be confiscated.

  5. More and more people are beginning to like my Trump hat and mask. In 3 more months that CHINA joe and camel face are in office with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and kids not in school demoncRATs well probably like it as well. I have lost thousands in the stock market and it will just get worse. Money is going to be useless unless the demoncRATs step up and do the right thing for the American people and not their party.

  6. If this is the same Sullivan that planned the protest for BLM, why do
    they not think that was what he was doing at the Capital?
    Where are the group that he planned for on Jan.6 ?? Are they
    dressed like MAGA?? Did they find he had corresponded on social media??

  7. Probably nothing will happen to punish this guy. Still waiting for justice. Hillary Clinton, Comey Rice, Hunter, any many more of the lying, guilty swamp has not been punished. With China Joe and Camel Face HO in the White House nothing will get done

  8. If Sullivan is punished it is because he is a small fish in the corrupt left’s pond. The BIG FISH can get by with anything – Hillary, Biden, etc

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