Superior Court judge robbed in daylight in front of Oakland courthouse

 June 3, 2023

For some reason, Democrats and their supporters keep pretending that crime, especially in Dem-led cities, isn't as bad as the other side claims. 

According to Breitbart, the occurrences of brazen crime, especially in several out-of-control California cities, are so outrageously frequent that Superior Court judges are now being mugged and beaten in broad daylight.

Soft-on-crime policies in the city of Oakland could have very well contributed to the robbery of an Alameda County Superior Court judge.

The three suspects took the judge's Rolex watch and his wallet, according to the police report.

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Violent crime in cities like Oakland continues to rise, especially as criminals have realized that with a lacking police department and soft-on-crime policies -- there really isn't much in the way of deterrence.

Breitbart's Jim Nolte noted:

Sure, a story like this might be anecdotal, but look at what it says about how lawless Democrat-run Oakland has become.

No criminal is looking to get caught or go to jail, and these three men are still running around in masks robbing people in broad daylight outside a courthouse. That’s how confident they were that 1) no one would catch them or 2) if they were caught, they wouldn’t serve any jail time.

Nolte then sarcastically asked, "What’s next, a holdup at a police station?"

He went on to question how decent, law-abiding citizens are still choosing to live in such areas, where it's risky to walk into your home or walk in front of a courthouse in broad daylight.

Furthermore, he questioned how Oakland residents can keep voting in the same people who are the root of the crime problem in the city.

Nolte added: "Like every city in America, Oakland is a representative democracy. That means the citizens of Oakland can—if they choose—elect a mayor and district attorney who will do something about crime, and doing something about the crime is no secret. If you put criminals in jail, crime rates decrease. If you put repeat criminals in jail, crime rates plummet. This is not rocket science."

"Oakland is not my problem"

Nolte emphasized that the crime issue -- and many other issues plaguing Dem-led cities -- is primarily the fault of the voter.

"This kind of lawlessness is not a tragedy, social ill, or even unfortunate. What’s happening in Oakland (and Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc.) is a choice—a choice made by voters that says they want to live this way," he wrote.

And he's dead on the money. Take Chicago for yet another example of how voters not only kept the status quo in the last election cycle, but actually elected a mayor who's even more radically progressive than their last one.

It'll take years to begin to even remotely undo the damage that has been done to such formerly wonderful cities, and that's if the healing started today, which it's not.

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