Support for Black Lives Matter, protests sinks in critical swing state Wisconsin

Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s campaign strategy of staying in the basement and letting Donald Trump do all the campaign appears to be backfiring.

As violent demonstrations explode across the nation once again, Americans are looking for a law and order candidate, as a new poll in Wisconsin indicates — bad news for Biden, who has refused to take a pro-law-enforcement stance. 

Biden’s losing Wisconsin

According to a Charles Franklin Marquette Law School Poll released on Wednesday, approval of Black Lives Matter and anti-police protests has fallen off dramatically in Wisconsin since June.

The Black Lives Matter organization lost a whopping 20 percentage points of support since June, according to the survey. Both Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris have repeatedly aligned themselves with Black Lives Matter.

The worst news for Biden and Harris, however, lies in the poll’s finding that the drop in support for Black Lives Matter and the anti-police protests doesn’t just come from Wisconsin Republicans — state Democrats are fed up as well.

According to the poll, “favorability declined in all partisan groups, though substantially with Republicans and modestly with Democrats,” which is not an encouraging trend for the Biden campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon noted that “In the 2016 election, independents broke for Trump—50 percent picked him, while 40 percent chose former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, exit polls show. Closing that gap may be essential to a Democratic victory.

Donald Trump won Wisconsin by a fraction of a point in 2016, and Democrat strategists hoping to win back the state for Biden are now facing an uphill battle as even the state’s Democrat contingent grows tired of the violence wracking the nation and now, their state.

Trump strikes

While support for Black Lives Matter and the anti-police protests collapses in Wisconsin, the state’s voters still aren’t sold on Trump, according to the results of the poll.

However, Donald Trump announced this week that he will send federal law enforcement officers to the embattled city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, to quell the violence that has wracked the city since Sunday, which could boost support amongst voters looking for law-and-order focused leadership amid the chaos.

The Beacon continued, “Trump won Kenosha county by just 255 votes in 2016. But the unrest could widen that gap: One Kenosha Democrat, Scott Haight, told the Times that he had resolved not to vote in 2020, blaming the unrest on the state’s Democratic lieutenant governor.”

The latest Rasmussen poll also likely struck further fear into the Biden camp. The new poll, released on Wednesday, shows that Trump and Biden are neck-and-neck nationally, with Biden taking 46 percent of the vote and Trump taking 45 percent.

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