Report: Supreme Court set to hear case on Arizona election laws

In a development that surely has former President Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case pertaining to the state of Arizona’s election laws.

According to the Washington Examiner, the SCOTUS is set to hear oral arguments on a case covering election procedures in Arizona as soon as March. While the suit reportedly does not stem from disputes surrounding the 2020 elections, it could have a significant impact on how ballots are cast in the Grand Canyon State and across the nation in future match-ups.

Voter registration and ballot harvesting

The case coming before the court next month originated during the 2016 election season, the Examiner reported, and has to do with claims from Democrats that Republican-backed election policies in Arizona are discriminatory.

In its suit, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reportedly took particular issue with the “out of precinct” or “OOP” policy, which requires election officials to toss out ballots cast by those who vote in-person at a precinct other than where they are registered to vote.

According to the Examiner, Democrats also want to throw out a state law that prohibits the collection of absentee or mail-in ballots by a third party, a controversial practice known as “ballot harvesting.”

A case of discrimination?

The DNC has argued that both policies disproportionately impact members of minority communities and alleged that the practices violate Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA), along with the Fifteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Going even further, the DNC maintains that Republicans were not only fully aware that these practices would be discriminatory when they enacted them, but that the alleged discrimination was a specific and deliberate intent of the policies.

The Examiner reported that an Arizona district court had originally sided with the state and upheld both the OOP policy and the ban on ballot harvesting, only for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse that ruling.

Now, the case is headed all the way up to the Supreme Court, where a ruling in favor of the DNC could result in major changes being made to election laws nationwide — changes that Republicans fear could open the door to ballot fraud.

The GOP fights back

With weeks to go until the SCOTUS hears the case, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and state Republicans have countered the DNC by asserting that race has nothing to do with either policy, both of which Brnovich called “commonsense election provisions” aimed at protecting the integrity of Arizona’s elections, the Examiner notes.

Furthermore, the AG and fellow Republicans argue that all voters — minority voters included — have multiple opportunities to cast a ballot legally. In support of the defense is an amicus brief written by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was joined by 10 other Republican senators in arguing that the 9th Circuit’s ruling was not only wrong, but also threatened to undermine election laws across America.

Then-President Donald Trump’s administration also filed a brief in support of the Arizona GOP’s position. The Biden Justice Department has since walked it back, however, claiming the previous filing no longer represents the “current view” of the U.S. government.

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25 Responses

  1. The Supreme Court members should hear everything about all of our countries elections. It is all of their duties under the constitution.

    1. your right. All the battle States were rigged. They should audit the machines to. Michael Lindel absolutely proof. He said it right. He showed China, Iran and Barcelona radar coming in to fix the election. But the main proof is the IP address, that they found. IP address takes you to China and Iran and Barcelona. This is unfair play. Supreme Court should do the right thing and make Trump President.

    2. You are right, however the Supreme Court let the American people down. This case has nothing to do with the last election and a positive outcome won’t change anything now or for the future. As long as the democrats are allowed to keep this past 2020 election steal and continue with their overthrow of our republic the future of freedoms and free election will be gone. And the Rinos, Supreme Court and the military will be to blame for not protecting our precious constitution. they all let the american people down by their inactions.

  2. I agree with Michael completely. All the States should account for their fraudulent voter practices in the 2020 election. But I bet as usual it will be buried under the rug or the Courts will make it in favor of the demoncrats.
    Poor President Trump must be so sad.

    1. I just love how the DemoRats make it sound as if the minorities are such poor little things that can’t do anything. The history of the Democratic Party will show that THEY are the biggest racist group in the country. There is not one place in this country that a person can not get proper I.D. You need I.D for alcohol, cigarettes, Welfare and many more things.


        1. I also believe that the DEMS did not win……They have been using voter fraud for many decades and have become pro’s at it……….

          Here in Michigan, I am positive that President Trump won this State….They even discovered that Detroit had to many voters for different counties……….But they did not even look into the rest of the State……….Michigan has many 2nd Amendment citizens, along with those Public Servants, (Dentists, Doctors, and others that serve WE THE PEOPLE) that are also GOP voters.

        2. A majority of the people already believe the election was stolen. It’s too late for the good conservatives in congress to do anything, and the Supreme Court continue to fail the people and the Republic we love. Our last defense, and last chance, is the military. We need the members of the Chiefs of Staffs to grow a set and do what is right for our country under the Constitution. Thanks to some great patriots, and Army and Navy military intelligence agencies, they supposedly have all the proof they need proving the Biden Administration, and maybe 4 senators, were illegally elected. Under the Constitution with that evidence they can recall Biden and his gang and put in the real winners. lets pray they the rest of our government has failed us!

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  4. There were videos of voter fraud but the lower Federal Courts decided there was no need to open a case! I am not sure if these were judges appointed by former President Obama or not. It should be investigated all the reports should be re-examined ASAP!

  5. All cases ignored or refused by judges who didn’t check the evidence should be examined for the right reasons not political views.

    1. And those “right reasons” include any law that was broken, whether it would have changed the election results or not. Dead people voting and out-of-state people voting should never go unpunished. Someone is breaking the law and that needs to be shut down. If people know that they will get caught if they do these things, I think folks will be a heck of a lot more reluctant to go down that road.

  6. I’m afraid the supreme court is only playing the game but will do nothing to uphold the election laws of the Constitution! They will allow the battle states to do as they please without any legal actions whatsoever! They are afraid to go against the obiden communist regime!! We no longer have a judicial system in America that will uphold our laws against the federal government lawbreakers!! I feel they have been threatened and their families threatened! Greed, power and money are all Washington democrats and rino republicans think about at this point! To Hell with America, we will rule is their motto!!

  7. The Supreme Court lacks the spirit of God to lead them in the right direction. I pity them. God have mercy on their rotten souls.

  8. The Secretary of state in Michigan believes we are all as stupid as the democrats.They ran an audit picked to show what they wanted to see,then she removed 1,77 thousand peoples named from the voting roll. ANY ONE ELSE SMELL A RAT?

  9. Demoncrats are not stupid, they use a new fraudulent tactic in every election because they know that no one can challenge their crooked ways. They make AlCapone look like an angel. RVN 68-69

  10. Brnovitch is fighting for Arizona, he knows the election here in Arizona was rigged! Katie Hobbs does as well, because she helped rig it! Brnovitch needs to fire her, and demand a true recount in Maricopa county! Trump won Arizona!

  11. Wait !!!! Supreme ct actually going to do its job!!! 1/6 NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF ROBERTS HAD DONE HOS JOB & REVIEWED THIS STOLEN ELECTION!!
    AZ has never been a BLUE STATE UNTIL DNC FIXED THE ELECTION!!!! Stolen votes stolen election stolen voices!!!

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