Supreme Court to hear case that could make ballot harvesting illegal

The Supreme Court is set to hear a major case on voting laws Tuesday that could have the effect of limiting voter fraud nationwide, Fox News reported.

The case has liberals anticipating a potential setback in their efforts to expand so-called “voting rights,” as Republicans all over the country work to strengthen election integrity standards.

It’s a familiar story: Democrats typically argue that even the most rudimentary voting restrictions, like requiring people to prove they are who they say they are before casting a ballot with voter ID, are “racist” and disenfranchising.

In this case, the Supreme Court is weighing two seemingly elementary limitations in Arizona: one requires ballots cast in the wrong precinct to be thrown away, and the other makes ballot harvesting illegal.

Arizona laws to be challenged

Arizona argues that the laws provide common-sense safeguards, but liberal groups challenging the laws say that they are racist.

Liberals are concerned that the Court will vindicate Arizona and weaken the Voting Rights Act, possibly hampering efforts by the left to relax voting laws across America.

“It would be taking away one of the big tools, in fact, the main tool we have left now, to protect voters against racial discrimination,” said Myrna Perez, director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s voting rights and elections program.

But Arizona’s Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich says the laws are “about protecting the franchise, not disenfranchising anyone” and that their necessity was illustrated by the 2020 election, which saw an explosion of mail-in ballots that left many with doubts about how the race was conducted.

Battle over voting continues

“I think part of the lesson of 2020 was that when people don’t believe that elections have integrity or that their vote is being protected, it will lead to undermining the public’s confidence in the system,” he said, according to Fox.

After the election debacle, Republicans in states all over America are pushing to prevent such a disaster from occurring again with tougher standards on voting.

Democrats are currently trying to pass H.R. 1, a “voting rights” bill that critics say will spell, effectively, the end of free and fair elections in America.

The Supreme Court could hand down a decision in this case by the summer.

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30 Responses

  1. PURE CENSORSHIP, profanity is in the ears of the beholden! Get Real! You, along with the SUpreme court are violating every Americans Constitutional rights. I don’t need your OPINIONS! Provanity and death threats are the ACCEPTABLE language of the LEFT ie Dumocrats & Progressives, already a PROVEN FACT, just like LAWLESSNESS AND VIOLENCE!

  2. I personally feel those SCOTUS responsible for not taking on the 2020 Fraudulent Election across the entire U.S.A., should face removal, impeachment or a very strong stiff penalty! It was apparent that either they and their families were threatened by the Elite and Dems, & that is why they refused to take the case.

    1. I agree 100%. What good are they if they will not DO THE JOB THAT THEY WERE HIRED TO DO? In case they forgot… TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      1. Something very wrong when such widespread fraud that Biden told us he had set up before election has been allowed to stand. This is not the America I thought it was under Trump.

        1. No this is the cancel culture America, where your views and opinions don’t matter.
          This is the Biden and Harris America where we the people come last and illegals and criminals come first! We shall be in hell for the next 3 years thanks to all the demorats! Look at what is coming towards our new open borders. Before someone calls me a racist, let me enlighten you I am a Hispanic born and raised in New York City. We Puerto Ricans come in all shades from Lilly white to Black as midnight. Therefore, I have no problem calling out Biden on his stupidity! The Supreme Court needs to step up and protect our elections integrity.

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    1. Joyce, they pull the race card to put you on the defensive and because intellectually, they are bankrupt. They also need as many gates open as possible for them to continue their felonious ways of winning elections. So, while you’re defending yourself against false claims of racism, they are enlisting more dead people on democrat voter rolls, inventing people who don’t exist and giving them addresses in shopping malls and vacant lots, sending in votes for people who do exist who don’t realize that they were already voted for, frequently not the way they intended to vote. Their ways are manipulative.

    2. This racist crap has got to stop! Every single person has one common gene in their DNA, it’s called the ADAM gene meaning we all are in the same family from ADAM Gods first created human!

    3. Every other nation requires ID to be able to vote. This is the most important part of having free and fair elections. If there’s no confidence in the electoral process, then there’s no reason to have elections. You will have nothing more than a dictatorship, like all 3rd world countries!
      Oh I forgot that’s what China Joe is trying to do!

  5. wow SCOTUS finally grew some balls.
    The only thing Democrat’s can FIX is elections every thing else they Destroy

  6. It is very simple.
    No identification- not allowed to vote.
    No identification- can’t board an airplane
    No identification- can’t do many things or carry out many types of transactions.

    What are the dems afraid of? Following common sense?

  7. There should be a 10yr waiting period for illegals after coming in to be eligible to vote, after they are made citizens!!!!!

    1. Illegals shouldn’t be in our country. Come legally or don’t come. They are allowed to vote after they become citizens.

  8. Mexico has a very strong voter ID law. They have a LAMINATED PHOTO ID with a security hologram, and signature. Can be used for other identification purposes. NO VOTER ID in Mexico, NO VOTE. Seems as if they are more advanced in protecting the integrity of elections than here in the United States.
    There is no charge for the ID. Liberal democrats are not concerned with vote integrity by claiming voter suppression, disenfranchisement, etc. Without a strong voter ID system, elections can be fraudulently won by illegal voters, deceased voters, out-of-district voting, multiple voting opportunities, etc.

  9. Liberals and Dems so concerned about voter suppression? Set up places in cities so those voters can get state I.D. cards and then they will have no problem at all voting in elections. If they worked as hard on making I.D. cards available to all LEGAL citizens as they do trying to cheat and circumvent a good system there would be legitimate elections. But then therein lies the problem. LEGAL and legitimate..

  10. So, rule that ballot harvesting is illegal but, DON’T do anything about it costing President Trump and V.P. Pence their rightful place in the White House and, the democrats steeling their control over Congress. In other words let the democrats get away with committing these high crimes, this is why the dems keep doing it because their never held accountable for their corruption and, they know their always going to get away with it, that’s why they ware sh-t eating grins on their face when someone says something….

  11. So the SCOTUS is going to take up voting laws and it is probably going to take them until Summer for a decision. These justices are worthless COWARDS! These clowns should have stopped the fraud certification and made the battle groung states do a forensic audit but instead they allowed a coup.
    With these idiots on the highest court, illegitimate Biden and company don’t need to stack the court.

  12. I say NO to HR 1 and have told my representatives and Senator’s the same! I will be looking to vote a straight Republican ticket in 2022. That’s the only way to bring sensibility back to these Legislative branches who are looking to take over the other two branches.

  13. These two issues while a big toe’s length in the right direction, doesn’t even put a dollar store bandaid on the severity of the harm radical dems are putting on our country, If the SCOTUS think they have done their job to end corruption in elections, they need to give kindergarteners their seats on the bench . Whoever is “working on” the procedure to secede from the United States needs to put a fire under their feet and provide for Texas’ nationhood and any other red state within the boundaries of the lower 48 ( and Alaska, if it so chooses ) to live in freedom rather than subsist on communism and totaliarianism , while forsaking our beliefs in our God and the true Constitution . We do NOT need a divided Country- we need a country where all share the basic rights of mankind, and the trivial differences can be worked out at the polls. The way it stands now, we have two polar opposite ways of thinking with one side trying to obliterate the other side. That is NOT a house. That is a hockey game. We have divided beyond repair, so let’s have an amicable divorce. RED under the wing of the Almighty GOD, BLUE left to live with their own evil devices.

  14. The dems along with deep state have gotten away with a coup thanks to the SCOTUS. The 2022 election is already being planned by the dems to cheat and as long as we have Wray in charge of the FBI, Garland as AG and the same cowards on the Supreme Court, the dems will cheat again.

  15. Now is when we are going to see if the supreme Court is really There for the People of America or for a certain political party. If they can be bought off then what good are they for the people of America and America itself.

  16. They’ve ignored all of the fraud in the voting so this is a childish attempt to save face but it’ll never excuse their treason.

  17. Ballot harvesting should be outlawed period! And voter I.d. Is a must! Hopefull, scotus will rule properly on this, but not holding my breath. Brnovitch is trying to fix the mess in Arizona, as an Arizona voter, I hope he can. But—— Katie Hobbs needs to go, she is too partisan towards the left! And, voter I.d. Is NOT racist, all voters have the right to fair elections.

  18. The demafiacrats see race in everything! Now, what does that make them? RACISTS RACISTS RACISTS !!

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