Supreme Court orders California to allow indoor worship services

California has been laboring under some of the strictest COVID-19 rules since the beginning of the pandemic, and despite the failure of those rules to prevent a massive outbreak of the virus in the state, Democrat leaders have refused to back down.

In a major win for religious liberty, the Supreme Court of the United States just issued a definitive ruling on Friday, ordering California leadership to allow churches to conduct indoor worship services regardless of the area’s COVID-19 status.

Freedom to worship

California was the first to enact a “stay-at-home” order in March of 2020, among other things, prohibiting religious organizations from meeting indoors from that date onward.

During the summer, California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom instituted a tiered system in which the state’s 58 counties were placed ranked in a color-coded system based on the extent of the spread of the virus within the county’s borders.

Most counties never made it out of the most restrictive “purple” tier, with a few counties edging into the “red” tier — which allows severely limited capacity indoor services — for a few months.

Only the most sparsely populated rural counties entered the less-restrictive orange and yellow tiers over the summer.

California health officials and regulatory bodies took these rules extremely seriously, going after a number of large, high-profile churches state-wide that refused to comply with Newsom’s dictates.

The South Bay Pentecostal Church, a mid-sized congregation in San Diego, along with the larger Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, filed a petition asking the high court to halt enforcement of the prohibition on indoor services in their respective counties — both of which were placed in the purple tier.

In a 6-3 decision, with moderate Justice John Roberts siding with the conservative majority for once, the court granted the request to allow indoor services in the purple tier — though the decision upheld the state’s limitation on indoor services to 25 percent capacity.

Not the final word

“The state’s present determination — that the maximum number of adherents who can safely worship in the most cavernous cathedral is zero — appears to reflect not expertise or discretion, but instead insufficient appreciation or consideration of the interests at stake,” wrote Roberts in his opinion favoring the decision.

Liberal Justices Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Sonia Sotomayor appealed to the “scientists” in their dissent, with Kagan writing for the three that “justices of this court are not scientists. Nor do we know much about public health policy. Yet today the court displaces the judgments of experts about how to respond to a raging pandemic.”

The heavily Democrat-led California government has been relentless in its attacks on churches that defy its dictates — despite a refusal to even provide evidence backing up its public health decision-making process — so this is not likely the last time the Supreme Court will be asked to rule on a religious liberty lawsuit in the state.

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19 Responses

  1. In a major win for religious liberty, the Supreme Court of the United States just issued a definitive ruling on Friday, ordering California leadership to allow churches to conduct indoor worship services regardless of the area’s COVID-19 status.
    Finnally the Surprime Court has done one thing right!
    Now try, convice and imprison all of the deoms for inciting riots that has injuried, raped and murder American citizens

    1. The Supreme Court should have done its job correctly and rejected ALL of the California restrictions including the 25% occupancy. The Bill of Rights is not tied to crazy governors or state executive orders.

      1. EXACTLY. Hopefully there are other cases on appeal that will abolish all restrictions at churches if upheld… ANY restriction on freedom of worship contravenes the First Amendment….

  2. SCOTUS was following the Constitution, Governors and Mayors were not. It’s really that simple. In Ex parte Milligan it says Governors, even Presidentrsshall forfeit their office if they do anything counter to the Bill of Rights.

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  4. Those On the LEFT (communists) believe you would rather hear a religious sermon than listen to their Propaganda LIES. They are probably right, who wants to hear multiple LIES from Cheaters & Thieves ?

  5. democrats are the party of Satan with the anti-Christ Joe China at the helm. The Catholic church should excommunicate him. The present Pope is also no man of God but in league with the devil.

  6. In order to understand scientific information and make appropriate decisions, a high level of science training and an even higher level of understanding of probability, statistics and mathematics are required. Congressmen, senators, presidents, and governors have no such academic requirements. If I were to propose a system of checks and balances similar to that devised by the founders, I would add, as in Mandarin exams in historical China, that the above studies and demonstration of ongoing adeptness in these academic areas be mandatory. Otherwise a non elected elite of experts rather than elected representatives of the people controls the decision making and thereby undermine the system of checks and balances attempted by the founders.

    1. The scientific knowledge of the court is irrelevant. Their job is to make sure everyone actually follows the constitution. Kagan, Sotomayor, Roberts, need to be impeached for not following the constitution and trying to enact law from the bench in contravention to the constitution which empowers congress to do that job.

  7. Great article! Thanks. Nice to hear honest reporting on this crisis. I take issue with Kagen’s words. She seems to think that since ‘the Court has no expertise in Science or Pandemics’, they should not intervene on Constitutional issues when a State overreaches on Constitutional issues in the name of ‘science’ or ‘a pandemic’ WITH EXTREME BIAS and WITHOUT CONSIDERATION OF THE SCIENCE OR THE PANDEMIC’S REAL KNOWN FACTS, but instead with extreme irratic demands and mandates that restrict only ‘certain people’s liberties and freedoms’ in a Free Country. Kagan didn’t say anything about THAT. The Court ruled properly. Kagan’s biases belie her true intentions in being on the SCOTUS – to only serve her own biases and agendas. It’s a sad day when a SCOTUS Justice doesn’t understand, comprehend or acknowledge what her true SCOTUS purpose really is.

  8. I commend the SCOTUS’ decision. It is right and highly commendable. I believe those 3 SCOTUS are not believers.

  9. We can only hope that the Supreme Court will continue to act with good conscience in allowing people to live their lives normally and not be imprisoned
    because of the liberals who want to control every aspect of their citizens lives.


  11. The hypocrisy here is how the churches were specifically targeted by the Dems. The proof is in where Dimwit Newsome was caught dining out. He probably wasn’t the only official to do so. (Botox Nancy did it so she could get her expensive dye job, then stabbed the salon, that accommodated her, right in the back when she got caught)

  12. Great the Supreme Court stood up for the believers of Christian Jewish and all religious values. Its about time the new Senate and Congress gets to work and straighten out the mess they created. They waste millions while they party. They are to answer to us not we to them! I Think those who do not and will not support the constitution should refuse to be endorsed by their parties. The Romney’s, McConnells,Mirkowski’s need to be sent home without any pensions. There is a whole lot more that greed and dishonesty has gotten hold of they need to go Cheney too!

  13. To the three justices, Sotomayer, Kagan and Breyer, who believe that the science should be followed. When was it followed in the closing of the churches. It wasn’t, it was all on this idiot in california who happens to be the governor and not a scientist. Therefore, you don’t have an argument. so sit down and find something intelligent to do.

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