SCOTUS agrees to shelve arguments on Trump-era immigration policies as Biden makes sweeping changes

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday to shelve arguments on a pair of cases related to former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, The Washington Times reported.

According to the Times, the SCOTUS had been set to hear arguments on a case dealing with funding for Trump’s famed border wall, as well as hold a hearing on the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims were processed, rather than being released into the United States.

In both cases, attorneys for the Department of Justice said President Joe Biden had already moved to change the Trump-era policies. Among dozens of executive orders signed by the new president is one halting funding for the border wall, the Times said, “and the new administration is reviewing the Mexico policy,” the outlet reported.

Changes at the border

Other orders signed by Biden make clear that immigration is a priority for him; immediately after taking office, the president issued a 100-day freeze on deportations, though a federal judge swiftly issued an injunction blocking the move after it was challenged by the state of Texas, Fox News reported.

Biden has also moved to “streamline” the naturalization process and reunify “migrants who were separated from family members at the border during the Trump administration via the ‘zero tolerance’ policy,” Fox said, and he signed an order Tuesday “that revokes a crackdown on welfare-dependent legal immigration” designed by Trump to save taxpayers money, according to Breitbart.

Meanwhile, Biden’s White House has promised to fight back against the injunction on his deportation moratorium.

“We’re confident that as the case proceeds, it will be clear that this measure was wholly appropriate in ordering a temporary pause to allow the agency to carefully review its policies, procedures, and enforcement priorities — while allowing for a greater focus on threats to public safety and national security,” a spokesperson for the Biden White House said, according to Fox.

“President Biden remains committed to taking immediate action to reform our immigration system to ensure it’s upholding American values while keeping our communities safe,” the spokesperson added.

Dems’ immigration agenda

Biden’s moves relaxing America’s immigration policies come as Democrats in Congress continue to lash out against border agents like those with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York tweeted Tuesday that ICE is “a rogue agency.”

With the help of right-wing operatives on the federal bench, ICE is choosing to ignore [Biden’s] deportation moratorium,” Jones complained.

“ICE must be brought to heel. My community is tired of seeing our family members, our friends, and our neighbors ripped from their homes,” the representative added, an assertion that was amplified by Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D).

With an agenda like this, however, it’s hard to believe Democrats really have Americans’ best interests in mind.

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25 Responses

  1. The Supreme Court just screw the American people again. Just what did Biden’s lawyers threaten the court with?. To betray America is disgusting. Unamerican pieces of trash. American people last and illegals first. Joe Biden is a traitor to America. In Michigan that piece of trash needs thrown out of office. Her Muslims family are liars and don’t go by our laws. Sick of this crap with China joe.

    1. The supreme court is a joke and not a funny one. It does not work for the constitution, law or we the people. Face it folks there is no law, or justice

  2. The left doesn’t care about its own people. They only care for votes. That’s why they are opening up the borders that Trump has had much success in closing as well as with the border wall. Biden has stopped work on the border wall. What does that say about what they think of our citizens in this country? It’s so obvious what they think of us and how they want to destroy our economy and jobs. Trump was for the people and that took all day and all night of his 4 years in office to fight for and try and implement to great success. We miss you already President Trump.

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    1. well said .you know i don’t understand how ole joe can be a president when it was fraud and me he should not even be in office should be in prison for treason with his son.i watch this Mike Lindell the pillow guy telling how he’s been treating since the election because he was a TRUMP guy,and the piece is well worth a watch and joe should not be in the W/H because TRUMP won and they should be somehow to get TRUMP back in there now.

  4. Immediately bus all illegals who cross the borders to Wilmington Delaware, San Francisco Ca, Washington DC and drop them off. I don’t believe old Joe knows what the border states have to live with. Maybe all unemployed Americans should cross the border to Mexico & then return to US then would be eligible for lots of benefits.

    1. I know he/she does not know , he/she is brain dead and arrest those lying voting machine owners for fraud

    2. What possible reason could the Supreme court give the American people as to why they are allowing this cheating, lying so called president joe and his hateful, vengeful supporters do this to our country??

  5. This is so wrong. Supreme Court I despise you so much. You serve the democrats and you do not follow the Constitution. You have screwed the American people. You have allowed more covide to enter our borders and you don’t care if it kills the American people. How dare all of you do Biden’s callings and serve Him. You are no good to America. None of you. Your job is the CONSTITUTION. 100% NOT THE DEMOCRATS. You should all be removed. Every single one because you all lied to you oath and did the dems. bidding.

    1. So much for the Supreme Court there to represent the interests of the American People. They are useless and instead of adding to the Court, they should disband it. They should have looked initially the election fraud, they like a Congress have done nothing!

  6. Biden needs to get shot to the moon with the vice president people will come from all over for free every thing what is wrong they are few and the people are millions they and their families are safe plus they have walls where they live

  7. This is a disgusting betrayal of the American People. The highest court in the land has become a house of politics. Democrats use any means available, whether it be bribery, blackmail, bullying or any number of corrupt methods of producing a favorable for themselves. The Mafia has absolutely nothing on the Democrats, one of or the most corrupt organization in the world. Roberts is so compromised he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Just for sale…. Millions of Americans are growing more frustrated with the political theater by the day. It’s appalling and intolerable. Something drastic has to be implemented directly or chaos will ensue. For years of this habitual liar, and communist admirer is unacceptable… May God Bless America and give us the wisdom, courage, leadership and wear withal to endure the challenges ahead.

  8. I would like to know just how many ¨family members, our friends, and our neighbors ripped from their homes,” Tlaib has seen ripped from their homes by ICE in Michigan. It sounds wildly exaggerated: if she lived in Texas, Arizona, California or even New Mexico it might be believable.

  9. I am so tired of watching what the Democrats get away with. Everyday they rip our Constitution apart. They don’t care what happens to the American people who have to sit back and watch them destroy the United States. Will there ever be an end to the destruction they have already done in 2 weeks time. We need to drain the SWAMP ! So we can go back to the last 4 years we had with TRUMP our President!

  10. What a bunch of bloodless cowards. You have ice in your veins and no honest thinking on your parts. I am so disgusted with this Supreme Court. You are not Patriots, you are bowing to the far left. Disgraceful, after all President Trump and yourselves had to go through to get this position, you know who I mean. What happened to truth and your conservative views. You have been cowed by the left. You are spineless.

  11. I don’t know why the Dems. were so worried about Trump nominating more justices to the Supreme Ct. They get everything they want anyway.

  12. The Democrats must not know how the world looks at their borders. No country in the world has a ” Open Border ” policy, they are all strictly against it, for many reasons. In some countries crossing their border without consent will get you killed ( and anyone asking is told ” Nope haven’t seen them!” Or you can look forward to a nice long stay in one of their prisons ( which are nothing ours, they consider ours to be ” resorts ” ) All the Democrats care about is more votes to keep themselves in power, so they can fleece more money from the American People and lobbyist for their vote!

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