Survey of congressional staffers suggests dim prospects for Pelosi’s liberal agenda

With Democrats holding control of both houses of Congress as well as the White House, Democrat leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) have acted as though they have an overwhelming mandate to pass their decidedly partisan agenda into law.

But according to Breitbart, a new survey suggests Pelosi and fellow Dems may have hit a brick wall with overtly progressive policy proposals that a huge majority of congressional staffers say they don’t think will ever actually come to fruition.

The development comes by way of The Canvass, a joint effort from Punchbowl News and Locust Street Group that asked Capitol aides to dish out their real thoughts on the goings-on behind the scenes on the Hill.

Pelosi’s poor prospects

According to data released by the group on Thursday, congressional staffers are less than confident in a number of plans put forth by Democrats to overhaul everything from gun laws to drug costs.

Among the plans with poor prospects, at least in the eyes of Capitol aides, is H.R. 3, which has been billed as a measure that would substantially lower the prices of prescription medications. Despite it being a high priority for Democrats, however, only 36% of Democratic staffers polled by The Canvass said they expect the proposal to be signed into law.

Congressional staffers are similarly doubtful of recent gun reform measures that, according to The Canvass’ report, even Democratic staffers feel have “absolutely no chance of going anywhere.”

To wit, only 5% of Democratic aides surveyed thought that the new “assault weapons” ban would pass Congress, the report noted.

Likewise, only 17% of all respondents — including just 25% of Democratic staffers — believed it likely that Congress would be able to pass so-called universal background checks on firearm purchases.

Out the door?

In fact, the only measure that most respondents (53%) seemed to believe would see the light of day is a proposal to increase the corporate tax rate in order to help pay for President Joe Biden’s hefty “infrastructure” package. But that’s not the only bad news for Pelosi.

An earlier poll from The Canvass showed that many think Pelosi’s tenure wielding the speaker’s gavel is drawing to a close.

Sixty-six percent of all respondents, including 36% of Democratic staffers polled, believed the GOP would reclaim the majority in the House following the 2022 midterms, effectively ending Pelosi’s current four-year reign as House speaker.

It remains to be seen whether the staffers will ultimately be right in their predictions, but if it’s true that Republicans do take over Congress’s lower chamber after November’s elections, then Democrats can definitely kiss their partisan wishlist items goodbye.

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3 Responses

  1. YAY!! We have had enough of her crazy behavior and unethical pushing of her agenda to the detriment of the American public.

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  3. Pelosi is only one person, in a corrupt, useless, branch of our government. Unfortunately there are too many psychos in there period. Elections are almost useless anymore, because these crazies get elected, then do whatever the hell they want. We need a way to immediately remove people that vote against the best interests of their constituents. Something immediate, swift, and a deterrent for others who wish to screw over their constituents.

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