Juvenile suspect arrested after mass shooting that left six dead

Gunfire rocked an Indianapolis neighborhood over the weekend, leaving six people dead, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, The Associated Press reported.

Law enforcement arrived at the location early Sunday morning in response to reports of a juvenile shooting victim, who is expected to survive despite being in critical condition, according to police.

After police investigated the incident, they were dispatched to another nearby residence after being alerted to the presence of multiple shooting victims there, local news affiliate WXIN reported.

“A different kind of evil”

Indiana Metropolitan Police Sgt. Shane Foley explained that upon reaching the home, officers were confronted by a “mass murder” scene, something he characterized as a “different kind of evil.”

Kezzie Childs and Raymond Childs, both 42 years of age were, among the deceased. So were teenagers Elijah Childs, Rita Childs and Kiara Hawkins.

Rita Childs was just 13 years old, and 19-year-old Hawkins was pregnant. Hawkins and her unborn baby both died after being taken to hospital.

Indiana Metropolitan Police Chief Randal Taylor called the incident a “mass murder.”

Gun violence increasing

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said the murders were a “terror to our community” and that he was seeking assistance from the FBI. “This morning, one or more individuals perpetrated an act of evil in our city,” he declared.

“While we’re still learning more about the circumstances that led to this incident, I want to be very clear about something: What happened this morning was not an act of simple gun violence. … What happened this morning was a mass murder,” Hogsett said.

On Monday, Chief Taylor announced that a break in the case had been made, resulting in the arrest of an unnamed 17-year-old suspect.

“Yesterday, we promised swift justice for this heinous act,” he said. “Today, we delivered on that promise. While removing the alleged perpetrator of yesterday’s mass murder from our neighborhoods does not bring back the lives senselessly lost, hopefully, it will bring us one step closer to healing as a community.”

Gun violence has risen sharply over the past year, with cities like Chicago and New York both seeing an increase in shootings, Fox News reported.

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26 Responses

  1. Oh how sad! violence is escalating and Biden doesn’t care. I think some of this violence is a result of all the lock-downs but that doesn’t excuse any of it.People are suffering with job losses and shut downs etc. Tempers are escalating as a result. We need to open up with mask requirements but open up.

    1. I’m sure Biden and Harris are utterly gleeful at this senseless killing. It’ll give them an excuse to erode 2nd amendment rights of lawful Americans.

  2. Democrats dont care they let anti fa n blm burn rob kill as long as it benefits their agenda. Then use this violence to take away your guns from law abiding citizens.

    1. True! Democrats will use any tradegy they can to take away rights to own guns to defend yourself and your families!!
      Even orchestrate the killing themselves and blame others for the crimes they committed themselves to suit their evil agendas! The Democrats and some Republicans DON’T care about anyone or anything but to line their pockets. So hungry for power .. SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL!!

      1. very well said my friend and the Democrats are still trying to cover up the capital riot that they sat up and with all the video we have now we do Nancy Pelosi was in the center of it

    2. They are in for a big surprise if they try that, in light of their (demoncommies) stealing the election, we’re not going to allow any taking of our guns, any of them and if we have to fight these bastards so be it!

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    1. The names of the victims sound like they are black,…..so does the killer Since they aren’t white, no need to specify race.

  4. These killings and wanton shootings were not done by individuals who had access to weapons legally. Between all the murders and China virus deaths there won’t be enough people to support AARP or require food stamps or welfare checks. Sounds like a conspiracy in the making. Old folks and minorities being reduced by the new natural death.

    1. Gov of NY said he sent all the old people to nursing homes because they were old and going to die soon anyway. He said that on television and I don’t understand why he has not been indicted for murder since he sent them there to die.

  5. Black. White. Tan. The color doesn’t matter! What matters is that this young person threw away their life in order to kill all these innocent people including an unborn baby and its mother. God forbid other situations such as this are not allowed to happen! We need to pray for our country 🙏.

  6. My heart goes out to those innocent people and their families…
    I blame the Liberals… They started this.
    They are so power greedy that it has blinded them.

  7. There is no such thing as gun violence. There are violent people who use guns, hammers, knives, cars, baseball bats, and so on and so on to do violent acts. These people will commit violent acts with anything and taking one of them away will not stop them. Severe punishment will. Laws that punish everyone and leaves honest citizens helpless only increase these heiresses acts.

  8. the more we take God out of our schools, and out of family life, the more we will see the breaking of the 10 commandments. God is the only one who can help us out of this delemma.
    Most of this generation doesn’t even know about “sin” . They have jaded their conscious with sinful movies, sinful music and sometimes no parenting love at home. They think their behavior is normal and they are usually trying to get even with others because they cant handle the problems without Jesus!

  9. I guess they did not like my post so it was not posted. blm only when it is a white person or cop who shoots a career criminal. It does not fit into their fake news liberal policy….

  10. The baby was probably his and he didn’t want it and she was going to keep it he didn’t want to be a father he just wanted to be a sperm donor everybody that lost their life that’s sad I’m sure the other people were just sheltering the young woman with the baby and for it they lost their life

  11. Carol has the right message the problem is that we no longer have public schools but government run schools. I was talking with my grandson and he said they are not teaching history they are teaching currant events. I also know that they are teaching that the holocaust never happened and that all the worlds problems are because of the United States. took the flag and the pledge out of the schools and wonder why there is no patriotism. Our young people are not stupid they see politicians letting crimes by blm go unpunished as they riot and burn and then surprised at young people doing what they do

  12. These are places with the most gun control yep places with the most innocent American citizens getting murdered look at Chicago how in the world in the mayor set back and do absolutely nothing she needs to be removed Democrats want to take our guns but they have no plans to remove guns from criminals in fact their plans are to defund the police and let more violent criminals out of jail what’s wrong with the people Chicago recall do whatever we can to get rid of these Democratic so-called leaders before more innocent people die

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