Swing GOP voters favor Trump’s policies more than his personality: Poll

Republicans have been intently focused on recapturing a majority in the House of Representatives after next year’s midterm elections.

Now, the results of a new poll showing high levels of support for former President Donald Trump suggest their optimism may be justified. 

“Uphold the institutions of government”

According to the Washington Examiner, the survey was conducted by a politically moderate Republican-linked organization, the Main Street Republican Partnership. It reportedly found that although Trump’s demeanor and behavior have turned off a good deal of voters, his policies remain widely popular among swing voters.

Judging from the response of 600 GOP and independent voters polled between April 13-22, only 31% of voters want an “uncompromising insurgent” to “shake up the status quo” while 57% prefer someone who will “uphold the institutions of government.”

Trump’s messaging also resonates with a mix of conservatives and moderates, including two issues in particular: China and immigration.

Nearly 3 in 4 respondents said they would support Republicans who hold China accountable for actions such as covering up the COVID-19 outbreak. More than 2 in 3 said they would be more likely to support GOP candidates who urge action to secure the southern border.

The top issues of importance to the voters surveyed were corruption in D.C. (37%) and immigration (18%). Results came with a margin of error of 6%.

Trump remains a force within GOP

GOP leaders hope that voters alienated by President Joe Biden’s far-left agenda will aid in their recapture of control on Capitol Hill. There remains some disagreement within the party, however, regarding what role, if any, Trump should play in the upcoming campaign cycle.

For the Main Steet Republican Partnership, the answer appears to be that Trump has diminished the party’s “moral standing.”

Nevertheless, the results of its own survey suggest that the former president’s agenda remains popular even if his personality does not.

It remains to be seen how useful the information in this poll might be, but it seems clear that Trump has provided his party with a winning formula — and voters do not appear anxious to return to the same old politics of the prior GOP.

For his part, the former president has already begun to weigh in on midterm races by offering endorsements to several preferred candidates, reports note.

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9 Responses

  1. The one thing that better happen, is the uniting of Republicans! I hear a few people say they don’t like Trump. Well I just tell them liking him is not important. What he did for AMERICA is! I hope some have looked differently at him. And as far as moral standing! What a joke, look where our country is right now, morally a mess! Trump really believes in AMERICA FIRST!

    1. not everyone likes everyone else…so be it…go for the pluses in everyone. There is good in everything and everyone. what good does any one see in the current admin.? none that I can mind even under a microscope.
      Big question is how do we stop any fiddling by the left?We don’t want to let them get away with cheating again.

  2. I didn’t vote for him because like him ,voted for his ideas and liked he was like me rude and crude and not a coward to say it like it is , diplomacy is okay sometimes but not now

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  4. Trump is NEVER rude in my opinion, I have never seen him on TV and be rude to anyone!
    I guess u can perceive and interpret what u want to, but Trump is the Greatest President that ever lived and has a good heart, and is the fairest, cause he can save ur ***! When it comes to AMERICA and in these times u better be **** grateful!!!!

    1. I saw Biden rude many times when he was talking to a group. But that was OK. People love Trump and it showed time over time.

  5. Biden is more rude overall to ppl, reporters, etc. Trump is only rude to politicians that are not doing the best for the nation. Majority of ppl says Trump is the best President next to Ronald Reagan. Trump cannot be bought unlike some politicians… surprise surprise Mike Pence is another RINO, betrayed Trump on Jan 6 because the billionaire Brothers bought him who will help him run for president in 2024. True patriots will not help Pence!

  6. Donald Trump definitely has my vote if he runs in 2024. Biden and the rest of the commiecrats are destroying this country. I hope we even have a country by the time he’s finally out of office.

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