Swiss soccer pro dies of cancer at 34

The world of soccer is mourning the tragic death of Swiss pro Nicolas Schindelholz at the age of just 34.

The defender for FC Aarau died of lung cancer, according to reports.

Swiss soccer pro dies

A native of Basel, Switzerland, the defender began his career in the junior league of the top-ranking club FC Basel.

He later went pro with FC Thun and then FZ Luzern in the Swiss Super League, the highest-tier league in Swiss soccer, before joining FC Aarau in 2018.

When he was diagnosed in 2020, Schindelholz said, “Don’t tell the other players yet. They should enjoy their holidays.” The cancer forced him into retirement in 2021.

FC Aarau issued a statement on the sad news about the defender, who played 39 games with the team.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Nicolas Schindelholz. FC Aarau expresses its heartfelt condolences to the relatives and wishes them a lot of strength in this difficult time,” FC Arrau said in a statement.

“Outstanding human being”

Schindelholz was often held back by injuries but was known for his good attitude, Blick reported. His teammates joked that “Schindi” resembled David Beckham with a black eye.

“He looks like David Beckham. But if there is a black eye somewhere, a laceration or a broken nose – Schindi grabs it. In table tennis, it’s only a matter of time before he hits the wall. Nico is a sensational guy,” midfielder Gianluca Frontino said.

Schindelholz leaves behind a wife and four kids, the youngest of whom was born after his diagnosis.

His teammates discovered the sad news of his passing after a match on Sunday.

“Nicolas was a good footballer, but above all an outstanding human being. We wish the family a lot of strength, the whole of FC Aarau expresses its condolences,” the team’s president Philipp Bonorand said.