Taiwan warns that China wants naval outpost in Nicaragua

China is reportedly seeking to establish a naval outpost in Nicaragua as part of a plan to increase its dominance.

Taiwanese Vice Foreign Minister Alexander Yui shared the concern in a new interview regarding China’s expanding influence.

The report

“The Chinese are talking with them about also potentially setting up a naval outpost,” Taiwanese Vice Foreign Minister Alexander Yui told reporters. “So they have a very large plan.

“It’s part of their expansionist agenda — take over Taiwan, and break from the first island chain into the rest of the Pacific, take over the Pacific,” Yui added.

The Chinese threat

Chinese concerns against American security continue to lurk in a variety of areas. Another new report has expressed concerns regarding China’s infiltration of U.S. colleges.

“According to Bloomberg, 115 universities in the U.S., including Harvard and Stanford, received almost $1 billion in combined gifts and grants from Chinese sources between 2013 and 2020. These were just the donations that were publicly reported,” Fox News reported.

The growing concerns also arise with President Joe Biden’s connections with China. Though going back for several administrations, Biden’s warm relations with Chinese leaders have increased concerns among many Americans.

The pandemic has also led to more questions regarding China, with the unresolved question of the origin of the virus and the communist nation’s harsh lockdowns.

The expansion report to Nicaragua is concerning, but only adds to a long list of problems from the world’s largest communist nation.