Taliban reportedly assaulting citizens wearing Western-style clothing

Taliban members are reportedly beating citizens wearing Western-style clothing as the group’s new power in Afghanistan has quickly led to authoritarian-style rule.

The New York Post reported, “A group of young Afghan men claim Taliban fighters beat, whipped and threatened them at gunpoint for wearing jeans and other Western-style clothes in Kabul.”

The report added, “The young men said the insurgents accused them of disrespecting Islam with their clothing choices.”

Old school ways

The strictly enforced dress code resembles Taliban practices from the past.

According to the Daily Mail, “During the previous Taliban reign of the late 1990s, Afghans caught without religious clothing were often beaten or killed at a time when the Taliban was infamous for its brutal punishments and harsh interpretation of Islam.”

It added, “The regime was also extremely misogynistic – girls were banned from attending school, while women could only appear in public wearing full body coverings and accompanied by male escorts.”

Ticking clock

The alarming report comes as President Joe Biden’s administration scrambles to evacuate American citizens, U.S. troops, and Afghan allies by a Taliban-enforced deadline of Aug. 31. According to a CNBC report, “The U.S. military can currently airlift approximately 5,000 to 9,000 people a day out of Kabul, but that figure depends on people at the airfield ready to leave.”

The report noted that Biden promised, “We’re going to do everything in our power to get all Americans out and our allies out.”

The controversy continues

As the deadline to get our people out of Afghanistan looms, controversy continues to mount. Many Americans are frustrated that the Biden administration seems to be cowering to the Taliban and appeasing the group’s requests in its evacuation efforts.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said of his role in helping one of his old friends escape the country, “I’m so grateful that my office helped Haroon get back to the United States, but there are still thousands of Americans in Kabul who need to get out.”

Many, both in the media and in Congress, from both sides of the political aisle, strongly believe that Biden shouldn’t adhere to the Taliban’s deadline, and take as long as is needed to make sure every last American and Afghan ally safely makes it out of harm’s way.

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