Talk of 25th Amendment increases after Biden’s recent gaffes in Europe

The Daily Wire reports that “chatter” has “erupted online” about removing President Joe Biden from office. 

This comes after Biden, in a speech that he gave in Poland on Saturday, said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many have viewed the remark as escalatory, in that Biden, in contrast to previous messaging, seemed to be calling for regime change in Russia.

That comment came after Biden clearly suggested to American troops stationed in Poland that they would soon be deployed to Ukraine, contrary to what the Biden administration, up until that point, had said would not happen.

25th Amendment?

A number of social media users suggested that, given these statements and others made by Biden, it might be time to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

Among those to make such a suggestion was author David Limbaugh.

“Honestly, the 25th Amendment was crafted for just such a situation as we are now in with Biden,” Limbaugh wrote on Sunday. “Yet at least two things militate against this from happening. 1) His handlers are running things anyway, and 2) [Vice President] Kamala [Harris], though not mentally incompetent — just stupid — could be worse.”

Foreign policy analyst Clint Ehrlich similarly wrote:

Imagine President Trump had inexplicably told U.S. troops they were deploying to fight Russia. Really imagine it! All we’d be hearing is that he’s mentally unfit and must be removed under the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden did the same thing today. But the media has his back…

Peers admonish Biden

The Biden White House has been working overtime to walk back some of the statements that Biden made during his trip to Europe last week. Both the White House and Biden have essentially claimed that he did not say what he said, namely, that Putin needs to go.

A number of world leaders have outright condemned Biden for the remark he made. French President Emanuel Macron, for example, has said:

I wouldn’t use those terms, because I continue to speak to President Putin, because what do we want to do collectively? We want to stop the war that Russia launched in Ukraine, without waging war and without escalation.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz similarly said that he and Biden “both agree completely that regime change is not an object and aim of policy that we pursue together.”

Russia responds

Russia put out a statement on Monday calling Biden’s remark “alarming.” A Kremlin spokesman said, “We will continue to track the statements of the U.S. president in the most attentive way.”

The fear now is that Putin will try to capitalize on Biden’s remark.

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