Talk radio company that employs Levin, Shapiro, and Bongino bars hosts from mentioning election fraud on air

Talk radio company Cumulus Media has now said that hosts it employs, including Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin and Dan Bongino, will no longer be allowed to talk about allegations of fraud in the election on the air. 

“We need to help induce national calm NOW,” a Cumulus executive wrote on Wednesday after news of the Capital riot broke.

Cumulus vice president Brian Philips said the company “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths’. ”

“If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately,” he added.

Hosts under pressure to accept election results

Ben Shapiro has been cautious about claiming voter fraud and said last week he doesn’t think the election was stolen. Levin and Bongino have both said they suspect voter fraud cost President Donald Trump the election and think it should be investigated more.

Rush Limbaugh’s top-rated talk show is carried by multiple Cumulus stations, but he is syndicated by Premiere, not Westwood One, so he is not subject to the memo.

Michael Harrison, the publisher of Talkers magazine, said the memo represents the corporate side of talk radio asserting itself with personalities that like to think of themselves as independent.

“Corporations have always called the tune ultimately,” he told the Washington Post. “Everyone pays attention to the guys at the top and always has.”

Free speech narrows

With social media restricting conservatives and the topic of election fraud, the Cumulus directive further narrows the free speech of talkers like Levin and Bongino.

Bongino has already vowed to leave Twutter permanently after it suspended him last week for posting a video of Trump addressing rioters and telling them to be peaceful and go home, which Twitter had banned from the platform.

At the time, Bongino may have thought that he could take refuge at Parler, another social media app that doesn’t censor conservatives, but Amazon took Parler off its cloud servers shortly after midnight on Sunday and made it unavailable to any users. It has also been removed from the Google and Apple app stores.

Parler announced Monday that it filed suit against Amazon for its actions against the platform, arguing that Amazon did not give 30 days notice before removing Parler from the servers, as required in their contract, and also violated anti-trust laws by acting against it.

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31 Responses

  1. Here we go! No longer the “land of the free” we are now nazi germany! And we better do what we’re told! In a pigs eye!!

    1. Sharon, don’t you find it interesting that after the election, the networks are shutting down any talk of fraud in an election that was rife with it? How did these SAME NETWORKS respond to newscasters that accused President Trump of colluding with the Russians with no proof that it had happened? They let that go on for 3+ years. But now they are muzzling Levin, Bongino, et al from talking about an election that CLEARLY had fraud. And that’s only a week after the Biden was declared “President Elect”. Hardly an even application of standards.

  2. Soviet Union. I hope that the so called present young generation are paying attention to what the twitters of the world are doing.

  3. Those who believe they are more powerful and intelligent than “the people” will soon find out they are mistaken. The Bearded Bozo at Twitter lost a great deal of money by banning Trump and others. We will not be cowed. We know their playbook and will use it against them. As Winston Churchill said “We will never surrender!”

  4. Anyone with IT .001 knowledge base can interpret the physical, scientific proof of ballot processing fraud! see Data Integrity Group testimony or the processing report of the ‘spikes’ during the night or hundreds of affidavits or the FERRARI ESCORT WITH THE FAKE BALLOTS delivered out of a truck, or THE MAFIA KINGPIN WHO ANNOUNCED THE PRICE THEY WERE PAID PER FAKE BALLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For crying out loud, the dems pulled the exact same Modus Operandi the night of the Ga. [email protected]! The proof is evident but the dems sewed up all the courts with their [email protected]! We WILL NOT FORGET! And I am not even a republican!

  5. I am a retired Col in the USAF. I wish I would have gone to Australia after my tour in Vietnam. I went to school with Biden. It kills me to live under a moron in a police state

  6. Will Not goose step for anything China Joe says.Will fight to end to free America from Communist joe. Liberal want war bring it on. The democrats days are number. Lived without cell phone and cable TV can do it again. Can the liberal babies? No. They can’t cook or write their own name. Can’t count money. Probably can’t even wash their own clothes. Fight to the end to keep America free.

    1. Biden is reading what he is told to read. If you think about it, his running mate apparently was tossed out of her stroller, You see, strollers are pushed ahead of the parent, had she fallen out, they would not have had to go BACK to find her. She is telling Biden what to say, when to go —-She will use what was written for him to read to have him deemed unfit so she can take over.

  7. I’m a middle person watching both sides… What is the left so AFRAID of that they are not letting the right speak? I watched antifa trying to bust those windows out and a man in a red hat pull him down. So, both sides were in the mix…. But, I only hear the Right being blamed… Saw it with my own eyes..

    1. The left are fully aware they did not win the presidential election or the senate elections in Georgia. The only way they can win is by cheating. Chitin bidin will NEVER be my president and unless you want to live in a communist hell hole we have to stop them all.

      1. How ? I agree it is horrible and sad what is going on. But the people who we elected to fight for us betrayed us. Now what.

  8. Another years of dictatorship, lies and power. So sad to see this happen. Just sweep the truth under the carpet and some day all the dust will come flying up and choke them and they will ask “What happened!” Sure wonder what is under their carpet that is burning so hard that they want to suppress speaking the word that may be truth. It is like defying God to dare to act in the midst of this big lie because I am going to be blinded for so long that I will believe the lies I am fed. How long can the FBI shred all the evidence?

  9. It would be GREAT if the late show talk hosts were BANNED from mocking and being disrespectful to President Trump. Their hatred of President Trump is disgraceful!

  10. The election was stolen you dumdum! How could DEAD PEOPLE in the CEMETARIES vote in the 2020 elections or more votes in a state such as Penn. than voters? Use your common sense if you have any dumdum!!!!

  11. They are stealing ourcountry. I wish all of them would speak of the stolen election , then walk out. Leave the company with nothing because they are the only ones I tune into.

  12. What is going on in this country someone telling 3 hosts what they can talk about n what they can’t…this is not Russia or China…Speech for hosts should never be censored….look at the View…no one puts them in a closet …anyone who does this to anyone here in America should never be allowed to own or run a telecast on radoi…or TV…and tell them what they can talk about…horrid

  13. “We need to help induce national calm NOW,” a Cumulus executive wrote on Wednesday after news of the Capital riot broke. One doesn’t induce calm by hiding truth or not talking about things. That statement is akin to lying !

  14. Boy, when you have an illegitimate court jester in charge, it reminds me of sports teams, depending on the team, you play up or down depending on their talent. Well, everyone is dumbing down, for the incoming court jester ensemble and they all acting like blithering idiots!

  15. The state does not have constitutional authority to create an entity that
    can violate the constitutional prohibitions. So corporations must comply
    with the free speech provisions of the constitution. They are created by
    the state.

    Joe Kmiec

  16. Dictator’s in Congress are on the move and yes, voter fraud does exist and happened this past November 3rd 2020. America keep going and do not give in or give up.

  17. So now there is no free speech in our country. The left can lie everyday!!! This is so way to bring this country together!! Better all comes out in talking.. CORRECT????

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