Ted Cruz faces calls to resign in wake of Capitol chaos

The left’s reaction to the chaos on Capitol Hill on Wednesday has been swift and furious, with Democrats continuing to mount a pressure campaign to boot President Donald Trump and some of his top allies from office in the wake of rioting that left at least five dead.

Now, Texas Democrats Julian and Joaquin Castro have jumped in the fray, each calling for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) to resign after he objected to Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College, Breitbart reports.

Dems double down

Cruz was one of several Republican senators who challenged the election results on Wednesday, the same day a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building and interrupted a Joint Session of Congress.

As chaos swept the Capitol grounds, Twitter temporarily locked Trump’s account, and Facebook has suspended him “indefinitely,” citing fears he would “provoke further violence,” according to the BBC. Meanwhile, Democrats have ramped up demands for the president’s immediate removal via the 25th Amendment or another impeachment effort.

Democrats have also said that Republicans who objected, like Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley (MO), share responsibility for what happened with the president.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) and his twin brother Julian, who mounted a failed presidential primary bid in early 2019, both called on Cruz to step down, with Joaquin accusing Cruz of pulling a dangerous political stunt.

“[Cruz] has conducted himself shamelessly, and I think he has done this because he believes it’s the only way, the only chance that he has to win the Republican nomination for president,” the congressman told a Texas newspaper Wednesday, according to Breitbart.

Cruz speaks out

For his part, Cruz has condemned the “terrorist attack” while laying the blame on Trump for encouraging it.

“The president’s rhetoric was irresponsible,” he said Thursday, according to KHOU 11 in Houston. “I think it was reckless and I don’t think it was remotely helpful. I think the calls for extreme action, things like the 25th Amendment, I don’t think that’s going to prove necessary.”

At the same time, Cruz is disowning any role of his own. “Not remotely,” he said, asked if he bears any responsibility.

“What I was doing and what the other senators were doing is what we were elected to do, which is debating matters of great import in the chamber of the United States Senate,” Cruz added, according to KHOU. “I joined with 11 other senators and we proposed to the Senate that Congress should appoint an electoral commission.”

Hawley, who was the first Republican senator to announce that he would object to Biden’s electoral win, is also facing pressure to resign, and publisher Simon & Schuster has announced they are dropping his upcoming book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, Fox News reports.

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