GOP Rep. Tenney says Pelosi barred her son from attending swearing-in ceremony

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has long shown a propensity toward injecting vindictive partisan positions into a variety of political situations.

As a recent example, the speaker has been accused of denying access to the U.S. House of Representatives gallery to the son of Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) during the incoming lawmaker’s swearing-in ceremony this week.

“Denied the request”

According to the Daily Caller, Tenney’s son is a U.S. Marine officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. His mother was only recently sworn in — three months after the election — after her narrow victory over Rep. Anthony Brindisi was finally deemed official.

The allegations against Pelosi came from Newsmax host Sean Spicer, who formerly served as White House press secretary under the Trump administration.

Spicer further noted that, in contrast, the House speaker allowed all new legislators to bring one family member into the House gallery to witness the ceremony on Jan. 3.

As the ex-press secretary explained in a tweet, Pelosi’s “staff denied the request” for Tenney’s son to enjoy the same courtesy. In a subsequent statement, Tenney herself confirmed the news, declaring: “I guess he’s considered a risk.”

The freshman legislator said she had been informed by Pelosi’s office in a “text from staff and in-person” that her son would not be able to attend, noting that there had been “several exchanges” between the two parties on the issue.

“He was disappointed”

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Tenney explained that she raised her son as a single mother and “would have loved” for him to have been a part of the momentous occasion of being sworn in as a federal lawmaker.

Instead of joining her in the gallery, she said her son “waited outside the gallery door,” declaring that it “was nice of him to take time out of his busy job serving our country” to support her during the ceremony.

Tenney said Pelosi’s office offered “no reason” in multiple communications culminating in a rejection of her request.

For her part, a spokesperson for the House speaker told Fox News that “politics” played no role in the decision, which was purportedly influenced by COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the House sergeant-at-arms and attending physician.

As for her son, Tenney said: “He was disappointed. He just wanted to be there for me. We are very close.”

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32 Responses

    1. Pelosi has been inciting & insurecting Danger & infestation in the USA & upon the American people for decades by not doing her job in serving & protecting the USA & the American people & congregating her follow colleagues to join her in the charades to disobey the American constitution, for decades this is punishable as soon as possible . this country belongs to the American people so does this government , it is every President’s job , every elected officials job to serve & protect the USA the American people , top priority every year

  1. PIGLOSI is ONLY Interested in getting Her name in the Press. To Hell with everyone/anyone who goes against Her wishes. She wants to play GOD, when she cannot even be smart enough to know when to keep her BIG MOUTH Shut. Piglosi is the one who SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!!

    1. I second that! I am also glad you use her nickname. It fits her so well. I use it all the time myself. I don’t remember who gave it to her but it perfectly describes her.

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  3. Get rid of Pelosi she is two old and brain dead, let her retire with her fortune in investment opportunities that she used questionable advanced notices to buy. Enough of these petty politicians living high on the hog and cheating every chance they get to retire as millionaires.

    1. This old B_tch needs to be redirected to Califa, she does not mean any good for the US citizens get id of her, she is to old to be there

  4. This is an outrage!! Pelosi has gone too far with her hatred of the Republican party!! There is no reason other than her hatred for this man not to be able to be there to support his mother on this important day in her life. They just change the laws and constitution and rules to make themselves happy! If Republicans tried to do this there would be hell to pay!! She is despicable! I for one can’t wait till she is gone for good!

    1. I second that. Term limits should be for everyone not just the president.We need to get new faces once in a while. They stay and stay and get pay and pay way above the norm for most people.

  5. Piglosi’s pettiness knows no bounds! What a nasty slap in the face to all Republicans, and congresswoman Tenney! What would it have hurt for her son to be in the gallery? Piglosi is a vindictive, petty, nasty old hag who needs to be impeached, kicked out of congress! She has abused her office too many times! She is unfit to be speaker! Impeach her!!!!!

    1. One Hundred thumbs up for your comment. I agree completely. Piglosi is indeed the “wicked witch of Washington DC”.

  6. pelioci is a filthy dem o rat this thing does not belong in congress she belongs in prision along with sleepy bozo biden and its cabinet
    the dem o rats stole the election Trump was the REAL WINNER.
    Let me see peloci let a dem o rat WITH COVID in the House so it could VOTE FOR peloci but has BARRED a HEALTHY MARINE because his mom is a Conservative


  8. Just read Prov. 6:16-19 and it sure fits what is going on in Congress: There are 6 things the Lord hates – no 7 he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill the innocent, a hear that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out lies, a person who sows discord among brothers.
    Woo to us and our leaders…..

  9. Speaker Pelosi should be censored for that disgraceful show of ego. And Congress should issue a formal apology to the Naval Officer and his mother,
    Congresswoman Tenney.

  10. I totally agree that they should impeach her and when she tore up the speech of the President that should been her final day. Why has there not been any legal ramifications and arrestings for all of her idiotic moves that has been proven and all her demonic co-harts that follow her in all of this. Lies,Lies, and
    more lies and something needs to be done to get rid of this old hag and most of the rest of the party. They don’t love and care about America and our people, they just want power- I say IMPEACH HER AND THE WHOLE GANG! We will trade McConnell to her too, since he is a lying traitor too. And Obuttma and Billary need to be put in the jail with her and Biden. Enough is enough Let’s clean up our country government by removing all of this trash.

  11. I agree with all who have expressed their feelings. Seriously, she has to be stopped but what can anyone do to get her out of Washington and back to San Francisco. We all complain and can see what she does but nothing happens to her. This is very hard to understand. What can anyone do or what can be done?????

  12. What’s up with this crap that’s going on at the DC Insane Asylum/ old folks home? Where is J Edgar and an honest FBI? Afraid that if nothing is done to eviserate these rectal cysts from office, this is not going to end well. You could See that from day one by the way the clinton sow threw hissie fits all the time it would be happen. They are really an ignorant rube stupid party, that we wouldn’t their sloppy attempt to rig the election, along with their attempts to sloppily produce and manufacturing of fake documents. A very sloppy attempt from a very reliable source! What happens from now on is on you,

  13. Narcissistic like I commented before. Any thought of helping someone other than herself, fellow democrats, or her family and friends is not possible. To her, anyone else is subhuman. If she saw someone on the street needing help, she would ask what party they were from. If it was not hers, she would probably run you over, spit on you, ignore you, or tell you to go to h’ ‘ ‘.

  14. She may not belong to the majority party after the midterms . If that is the case, she will be one of the main reasons that happens.

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