Terry McAuliffe hits rock bottom, pulls race card on Republican challenger

A surefire method of determining whether or not a Democratic candidate for office is desperate is when they resort to pulling the race card on their Republican opponent, which is exactly what is happening in the race for the governor’s mansion in Virginia.

According to Fox News, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe played his hand in a Monday tweet in which he suggested that not only is his GOP opponent, Glenn Youngkin, a racist, but also subtly suggested that parents who speak up at school board meetings are racists, too. 

The disgusting accusation comes at a time when the two candidates are virtually neck-and-neck in the polls, in a race that should have been an easy win for the Democrats.

What did he say?

Not only were McAuliffe’s statements uncalled for, but they were proven — even by The Washington Post — to be false, as he was referring to Youngkin’s take a number of books in the Virginia public school system, including titles like Genderqueer, and Lawn Boy, which contain graphic images.

Another book called into question by Youngkin is one by the title of Beloved, which Fox noted “contains graphic depictions of sex, violence and bestiality, while describing the horrors of slavery.”

Youngkin made clear that he wasn’t pushing for the banning of the books, but simply raised concerns and demanded that parents be informed of what their schoolchildren were seeing. But apparently, McAuliffe simply couldn’t resist pulling the race card.

“Glenn is spending his final days of the campaign focused on banning award-winning books from our schools & silencing the voices of Black authors,” McAuliffe tweeted Monday. He added: “I know we can read between the lines and see these Trumpian dog whistles for what they truly are.”

The backlash

Not only did McAuliffe get dragged on social media for shouting the exhaustive Democratic lie of “racism!” but he also found himself in hot water with Virginia parents who believed he was also labeling them as racists as well.

“‘Silencing the voices of black authors’? Look upon a shameless political huckster in desperation mode. McAuliffe now resorting to character assassination, using divisive race-based attacks to achieve his political aims despite zero validity to accusation,” tweeted Daniel Garza, executive director of The LIBRE Initiative.

Given McAuliffe’s recent admission that he believes parents do not have the right to raise concerns at school board meetings, many understood his tweet to mean that he believes concerned parents are racist.

It’s almost sad, but definitely embarrassing, to watch a candidate like McAuliffe, who has a strong chance at blowing his race, resort to such tactics days before an election. Hopefully, his false and inflammatory words will backfire, and encourage even more Virginia parents to get to the polls next week.

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