Texas Democratic mayor slams Biden admin, says border is ‘wide open’ for unlawful entry

President Joe Biden and his administration continue to seemingly look the other way while the southern U.S. border is overrun with illegal immigrants, including thousands of unaccompanied minors left alone to fend for themselves.

While the Biden administration insists that the border is closed, a Democratic mayor of a Texas border town expressed his disagreement with that notion, countering that from his first-hand perspective, the border appears to be “wide open” for illegals to continue to pour into the United States and drain local community resources as a result, according to Fox News.

“Very much disagree”

On Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas commented that the “border is closed,” though the numbers seem to fly directly in the face of that assertion.

Del Rio, Texas Mayor Bruno Lozano, a Democrat, firmly disagreed with Mayorkas and the Biden administration, admitting in a Fox News interview that from what he’s seeing, along with countless other border mayors and officials, the southern U.S. border is currently an open floodgate for illegal immigrants.

“I would very much disagree with that statement,” Lozano said. “The way that it’s been handling or being managed—it seems to be wide open for unlawful entry into the United States.”

Making matters worse for Lazano and his town, he claims that after multiple attempts at contacting the Biden administration for help, he was repeatedly told that the immigration situation was “under control.”

One of the major safety concerns for Lazano and others on the border is the lack of COVID-19 testing. He was reportedly told by a senior medical officer from the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) office, which is a division of DHS, that they’re no longer to “legally” test illegal immigrants for COVID-19.

More concerns

Lozana isn’t the only official in a Texas border town worried about the impact of the escalating illegal immigration crisis, as there are countless news reports, including one on Kinney County, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe, about sheriffs and other leaders who are extremely unhappy with the Biden administration’s lackluster response.

“Right now, we’re seeing something unprecedented, I’ve worked in this county for 35 years, and we are seeing a vast number of human smuggling events there; human trafficking,” Coe said in a recent Fox News interview.

Coe went on to talk about some of the secondary issues resulting from the mass influx of illegal immigrants, including the growing expenses ranchers and other residents are incurring from property damage caused by the influx. He added that his police force is stretched to its limits from the increase in calls.

“We can’t sustain this,” Coe said.

Meanwhile, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris can’t seem to find even an hour or two out of their schedule for a quick trip to the border to show some basic and expected leadership, at the very least to assure the American public that they’re paying attention.

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  3. Well it looks like we have ONE Honest Democrat in Mayor Lozano who is willing and able to contradict Biden and his Ilk about the CHAOTIC CATASTROPHE at our Southern Border which they claim is “under Control” and Mayor Lozano, who, unlike Biden & Harris have been to the Border AND he lives near the Border therefore he has first hand knowledge as to how BAD it really is there and is more than willing to tell those that have the GUTS to listen to him!

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  5. The [email protected]##%%^oles don’t care why do you think they haven’t even bothered to go see the mess they have made of the border the ahole needs to sign an executive order to send the illegals all back and close the border down they are not welcome here unless they do it the legal way and go through all the legal steps that our legally citizen made immigrants had to do it old Joe dumbden needs to go to hell and we need our PRESIDENT TRUMP back at least he had the border secure and our country safe biden can go toba comunist country and lead that since he is so anti American any way but leave our country the f alone you dumb [email protected]#$%

  6. The Biden administration is a mockery. No accountability for anything. The border is a total mayhem and he is doing not one single thing about it. He is lazy, spineless, a moron, a traitor to our country, the worst President in the history of our country. Just simply a communist dictator destroying our country every hour of every day. Someone needs to stop him and his Democrat partners in crime. The Ho Harris is nothing but a sneering evil jezebelle. What a corrupt pair these two useless pieces of human flesh are. Lying, cheating, conniving, corrupt Communists. The poor children at the border are victims of abuse.

  7. Wonder how Mr. VP feels about being on the hit list of BLM chants of exterminating ALL WHITE MEN IN AMERICA?.

  8. Biden needs to be put in prison for treason they need to lock him up and throw away the keys. They need that to the Vice President Harris , Obama And the Democrat Party that includes the people in Congress and Senate and the 4Jack-A

  9. Stop allowing people to flood in. Border patrol is there to stop people from flooding in. So quit being babysitters and stop people from coming in. Do your job and let someone else worry about the rest.

    1. If the Border is closed like Mayorka keeps saying it is, then why doesn’t the Border Patrol do something to stop them from flooding in.? That’s what i don’t understand.

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