Texas murder comes as violent crime continues to rise

Sherman, Texas’ KXII has reported that a 43-year-old local man has been indicted for murder in the shooting death of his neighbor this past August.

The grim news comes as yet more evidence that America has grown more dangerous in recent years as violent crime spirals out of control. 

Homicide and other forms of violent crime have been getting worse since 2020

According to KXII, Dennis Lee Bowles is being held in the Grayson County jail on a $1 million bond. He stands accused of going to 32-year-old Justin Newby’s home and shooting him four times.

Such crimes have become depressingly familiar, as Fox News reported last year that murders surged by nearly 30% in 2020.

While many observers have attributed the violent spike to lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, others have argued that law enforcement have become less proactive in the wake of anti-police protests.

Fox News reported in July that Portland, Oregon saw its homicide rate soar by 144% from January 2019 to June 2021. Meanwhile, non-fatal shootings soared by 241% from January 2019 to December 2021.

Portland is far from being the only major city to get substantially more dangerous, as Fox News noted in May that Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. have all become more crime-ridden as well.

Those cities saw each saw spikes in rape, sexual assault, robbery, assault, and murder in 2021, with the increases ranging from  5% to 40%.

Woman and her 10-year-old daughter beaten on NYC subway

New York City’s subway system has regularly been the scene of shocking crimes, with a recent example coming last month.

According to CBS New York, a 36-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter were brutally attacked at around 4:30 p.m. by an unidentified woman.

“She no say nothing to me. Just, she punched the head, like crazy,” the mother told CBS New York. The mother added that she attempted to shield her daughter as the attack unfolding, explaining, “I say ‘Mommy’s here to protect you.'”