Texas Republicans pass bill to punish cities that defund police

Republicans in Texas have passed a bill that would punish large cities that defund their police departments, The Daily Wire reported.

The “Back the Blue” bill is the latest effort by state Republicans across America to push back on leftist police reform movements that critics say have encouraged crime.

Anti-“defund the police” bill

House Bill 1900, introduced by state Rep. Craig Goldman (R), of Fort Worth, sends a clear enough message with tax penalties for cities that jeopardize the safety of their residents.

“Let’s support public safety in this state. Let’s support our police. Let’s back the blue,” Goldman said.

Those penalties include a property tax cap, a reduction in sales tax revenue equal to the cost of state policing, and a freeze on public utilities costs. Residents living in areas annexed within 30 years would have the option of voting to de-annex their communities.

If signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott — it needs to pass the Republican-controlled Senate first, and is expected to — it goes into effect Sept. 1.

Some critics of the bill say it usurps the power of cities to manage their affairs, and Democrats in particular have complained that it targets blue cities. The bill only applies to cities with populations bigger than 250,000. An amendment to make the bill’s penalties apply to all cities failed.

Pushback on “defund the police” movement

The liberal enclave of Austin had spurred the push with its decision last summer to slash its police budget by $150 million during the George Floyd unrest.

Nearly a year after Floyd’s death sparked the worst rioting the country has seen in decades, law enforcement remains a pressing theme as America’s intractable controversy over policing, race, and crime continues.

Last year saw a large spike in crime, including murders, that has been linked with the demoralization of police by the left and their allies in city governments.

Cities that defunded their police, such as Minneapolis and Portland, saw increases in violent crime, according to Fox News. Austin saw a 26% uptick in aggravated assaults.

Republicans in states like Georgia and Florida have similarly moved to block cities from defunding their police departments, as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to press for sweeping police reform with the backing of President Joe Biden.

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  2. I find it incredible that Congress and the Preesident are pushing to defundthe police when both have armed guards protecting them. This is hypocrisy at it’s best. If the American people aren’t worth the cost of protecting, then none of the Dems are worth the cost of protecting.

    1. Gary, I couldn’t agree more. This is pure BS. Our Policeprotect us and put there lives on the line every time they go on a call. These people r pure evil and can go straight to gel in a hand cart. 👹👺👿😈

    2. “For me and not for thee” when it comes to protection. “For thee but not for me” when it comes to laws,

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  4. I hope Ohio does but I don’t know about Hamilton County in the surroundings for one we got a governor that is supposed to be Republican but he has a Democrat mine he will not even lift a mask mandate

  5. Thank goodness that we have some representatives, who have a good head on their shoulders!!!!!!!

  6. As a American I feel that fully vaccinated don’t have to wear a mask we need to open this country it not fair to the USA and not fair to are children it time too open up

  7. Think Governor Desantis of Florida has shown what leadership and common sense does. Unfortunately, lifetime politicians and bureaucrats have no common sense. They think they are experts and believe anything. No research. It’s called closed mindlessness. Even though the proof something works, and is right in front of their nose, they refuse to acknowledge just to be an idiot. Yet, they want to blame Trump. I thought games were for kids? These people are getting paid. They actually believe they are tough, smart, right, and anyone who does not listen or obey, is racist, evil, etc. Do not know if anyone will start exposing them? Fox News does a good job. CNN, MSNBC, BLM, Antifa all have this closed, violent behavior. I have seen many President’s and leaders come and go. But this is really disgusting. God will punish those that follow and believe this stuff. We all answer to God whether you believe or not.

  8. `I hope Arizona follows common sense as well. Though I live in a Republican county, Mohave County, and knowing Maricopa County, Phoenix, had been taken over by the Democrat party a long time ago, even in the beginning of Covid, many residences within our county didn’t and still don’t believe in the pandemic at all. Lots of Patriotic residences go around armed, concealed or not, and I love it, as it feels safer than where only the bad guys carry, concealed. Our police are loved here and when Antifa showed up in a bus a while back they were met by police and armed citizens as well. They left as fast as they arrived, and no trouble, period. A friend of mine asked the local police if enacted by Biden,, to confiscate all guns, would they start taking people’s guns away? their answer. “Hell no.”

  9. Defund the police in DC, let BLM and other radicals run the city into the ground, invade the White House and devastate DC.
    Be sure to disarm all politicians so they can’t defend themselves. And don’t dare lock them up, if anyone defends themselves, lock them up. Sounds like a prudent Dem policy, right?

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