Texas rancher slams Biden admin after migrants destroy his property

The illegal immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border continues to worsen, and President Joe Biden’s administration continues to look the other way.

According to the Washington Examiner, one Texas rancher is understandably ticked off at the president’s lack of action and as a result, is demanding that Biden do something about the $60,000 in property damage he’s sustained as a direct result of migrants pouring across the border and destroying his ranch in the process. 

“It’s a tragedy”

Brent Smith is one of many Texas ranchers currently experiencing just how shockingly bad the immigration crisis has become under Biden’s watch, telling Fox & Friends over the weekend that his border ranch has sustained at least $60,000 in damages from illegals damaging expensive fencing around his property.

“Us Americans, in this part of Texas, we don’t have the same rights as other people do,” Smith said. “We can’t enjoy our property and go in our backyards anymore at night. It’s a tragedy.”

Smith, who also happens to be a Kinney County, Texas attorney, ripped into the Biden administration for allowing such destruction and dangerous conditions to continue to take place on American soil.

He also brought up renewed safety concerns, given the sheer number of illegals that are constantly breaching the U.S. border on a daily basis, adding that local homeowners are being forced to form private security forces to police their own property.

“If you don’t have a gun with you, you’re taking a chance,” Smith said. “And it’s sad that that’s the reality we live in today.”

“There is no border”

In his capacity as a county attorney, Smith also indicated that he’s witnessed a noticeable uptick in prosecutions involving illegal immigrants, adding that it seems as if the cartels have more control over the southern U.S. border than federal law enforcement agencies do.

“The cartels are in absolute control of both sides of the border right now,” Smith said, according to Fox News. “We have no control of the border. There is no border.”

Aside from safety concerns, Smith revealed that insurance companies aren’t reimbursing landowners when groups of illegal immigrants drive across their land — in stolen vehicles — in a desperate attempt to cross onto U.S. soil, oftentimes tearing up the land in the process, leaving homeowners with hefty bills.

“If it’s a stolen vehicle that goes through the property their vehicle insurance isn’t going to pay for it and ours won’t either so the landowners are stuck with paying for this,” the Texas attorney added.

Smith is one of a fast-growing number of Texas locals, including sheriffs and even county judges, to call attention to a crisis that continues to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, the Biden administration simply doesn’t seem to give a rip.

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