Following in Georgia’s footsteps, Texas Senate passes bill to make it ‘easy to vote and hard to cheat’

The state of Georgia invited the wrath of Democrats, President Joe Biden, and “woke” corporations like Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball by passing an election integrity law that those on the left likened to legislation from the Jim Crow era. Now, it seems Texas is following the Peach State’s footsteps.

The state Senate in Texas passed an election reform bill Thursday that Republican state lawmaker Bryan Hughes says will make it “easy to vote and hard to cheat,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The bill, called SB 7, passed the GOP-dominated legislature in an 18–13 vote.

Election integrity and “the public’s faith”

According to the Examiner, the bill would ban drive-thru voting and sending mail-in ballot applications to voters unsolicited.

It also rolls back expansions to early voting that went into effect in some counties for the 2020 election, and requires voters with a disability to provide proof from the Social Security Administration, a doctor, or Veterans’ Affairs.

“SB 7 will strengthen the public’s faith in our electoral process and ensure that every Texan knows that when they cast their ballot, their vote is secure,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, according to the Examiner.

Republicans in many states are pushing for strict voting laws after the free-for-all that was the 2020 race, which saw an avalanche of mail-in ballots after unilateral and often dubiously legal changes to voting procedure, putatively because of the coronavirus.

Georgia became the latest battleground in America’s culture war when Republicans passed a law strengthening election integrity, such as by requiring ID for absentee ballots, as Politico reported.

Woke corporations turn up the heat

President Biden has aggressively lied about Georgia’s new law, saying falsely on numerous occasions that it forces the polls to close at 5 p.m. while invoking dramatic comparisons to “Jim Crow on steroids.”

On Friday, Major League Baseball announced it would pull its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, prompting calls from Donald Trump to boycott MLB, as well as Coca-Cola, Delta, and other “woke” companies that have intervened in Georgia on the side of Democrats, as Axios notes.

Right on time, major corporations with ties to Texas like Dell and American Airlines have started beating the woke drum as well. “To make American’s stance clear: We are strongly opposed to this bill and others like it,” the airline said, according to CNBC.

Patrick has said that “Texans are fed up with corporations that don’t share our values trying to dictate public policy.”

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22 Responses

    1. Totally agree with you…..
      Wonder how many of those businesses saw something intheir bank accounts……….

    2. agree am tired of using these companies that try to force their opions on people that do not agree with them. The should leave state politics alone. I amready to stop using their services or products jut as I have quit watching sports

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  2. Being successful in business means appealing to the greatest number of potential customers. By bowing to the “Woke” mob, they are effectively limiting their base and telling everyone they are not interested in serving their customer base. I say, Screw ’em all! Ya’ll may be surprised how well you can get along without their products.

  3. So, we now have Newsmax & OAN & what’s left on Fox & FBN because the antique stations all went 100% Commie on us. Trump will soon have his own media platform & we’ll all go to it in droves. All the twitter employees gave money to Dumcoms exclusively, what does that tell you. I predict the Censorship game will be a loser in the end for the but the Supremes have to step up sometime on that. So, crooked elections are o.k. with baseball etc., so I guess cheating in baseball will be alright too? What is next on this wrong path? Airline companies just for Conservatives? Maybe some of the lost brands of Cola from the past can return as Conservative drinks? Topp Cola & some others here in the South. As our man Trump says, there’s more of us than them……..start some Conservative Businesses if that’s the way it is gonna be……serve only Conservatives. Yeah, you’re right, they will lose at this game before an airline get’s started. Southern Airways was pretty good. Send your kids to Hillsdale etc. & give up on the Lib schools of indoctrination. States rights is the key, always has been.

  4. Baseball commissioner Manfred pulled the all star game out of Georgia. Is he going to revoke his membership to Augusta golf club, where the masters tournament takes place in Georgia. I suppose he has to ask The CCP first for permission. Baseball has always been a family fun sport to attend. Wokeism is against families. Manfred and Greg Counsell, who manages the Milwaukee brewers are members of the Wokeism cult.

    1. Every state, not statement. Hate this predictive word program changing my words or spelling of words.

  5. Interesting to see All who are in Bed with the CCP and BLM. Sad to see Baseball go, my childhood favorite.

  6. It seems to me that politics is less about doing what is right for America and more about donations to their own pockets. Sad state of affairs!

  7. American Airlines requires photo ID TO BOARD THEIR AIRCRAFT!! How does that figure into their logic. Not everyone can fly, but anybody dead or alive can vote.
    Poor brain dead people.

  8. LOGIC: Since 911 all Airlines should require ID it would enable the airline to know who was or is on the plane in the event of a highjacking or God forbid an accident rather than wait for days to have victims identified. When your stopped by a police officer the first thing asked for is ID. If the ID was required in this last election we won’t have the mess created, sorting out legal votes over illegal votes Common Sense.

  9. I, for one, would like to thank all the Senators who are actually fighting this. Thank you for standing up for our right to vote FAIRLY AND HONESTLY!! I am praying that more and more of the Senators in various states would follow their direction. Thank you VERY much

  10. Amen! It’s time for Texas to step up to the plate and complete several pieces of legislation that is right for Texas and quite trying to act like the liberal states. Get the elections fair, honest and accurate; then lets complete Constitutional Carry Law before it dies in committee. The legislators are good about speaking 2nd Amendment right support, but when push comes to shove, they let the bill die in committee; that way they don’t have to actually vote on it and then during election time, they can spout off that they support the 2nd Amendment without actually supporting and doing what’s right.

  11. I ALWAYS KNEW I LIKED TEXAS; AND NOW i KNOW ONE MORE REASON TO LIKE THEM —- BACKBONES in their politicians (with a few ignorant exceptions)

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