GOP Texas House Speaker charters plane for absent Democratic colleagues, demands their return from D.C.

Texas has issued an ultimatum to Democrats who absconded to Washington D.C. in a highly publicized attempt to stop an election integrity bill from passing.

Ordering their prompt return, the state’s Republican Speaker of the House chartered a plane for them to come back to Texas — and they promptly refused, telling him to “save your money.” 

Texas Speaker charters plane in Washington for absconding Democrats

Speaker Dade Phelan (R) said that in order to “compel” the Texas Democrats to return, he would charter a plane that will be “on standby in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.”

“I am demanding all of our colleagues in D.C. to contact my staff immediately in order to secure their seat on the plane and return to Austin in order to do the state’s business,” he said. “The State of Texas is waiting.”

Phelan also stripped El Paso Democrat Joe Moody of his leadership post. In response, the Democrats told Phelan they “won’t be needing a plane anytime soon, as our work to save democracy from the Trump Republicans is just getting started.”

They called on Phelan to call off a special session that Governor Greg Abbott (R) ordered to pass an election bill and other unfinished business. The Texas Democrats sought to block the bill, which would have strengthened voter ID requirements and made other reforms, by leaving Texas on Monday to deny a quorum.

Abbott has threatened to have them arrested upon their return.

Now what? Texas Dems loiter in Washington

While their partisan grandstanding has invited mockery, they have been showered with praise for their subversive action by liberals impatient with President Joe Biden’s lack of progress in passing “voting rights” reform.

Awkwardly, after all of the fanfare and publicity of their escapade, the Texas Democrats have been loitering aimlessly in Washington since their arrival as Democrats in Congress focus on passing Biden’s infrastructure agenda.

“Things have to happen at the pace they happen,” said state Senator Nathan Johnson (D).

The group says they will remain in Washington to lobby for federal legislation until the special legislative session in Texas is over — though Gov. Abbott has vowed to call more special sessions if necessary.

Scenes of unrest spread to Washington D.C. proper on Thursday as protesters stormed the Hart Senate Office building demanding an end to the filibuster, which is holding back Democrats from forcing their agenda on the country unilaterally.

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33 Responses

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  6. They stormed the building but because they are liberals, we hear NOTHING about it. The mainstream media is still doing the work of the demonrat party.

  7. All Governors should be like Gov Abbott, throw all the swampsters in jail..they had to run to Washington cause they think china joe will save them…hahaha Make them pay the consequences!

    1. Stop their pay checks and per diem and they will come home. We the people hired them, we the people stop paying them.

      1. Absolutely spot on! Hit them in their pocketbooks. Stop any and all payments to them, then hit each one with a $50000 fine for obstructing the business of government

        1. AGREE! Stop all payments, cancel the plane (and any authority to pay for one w/Texas funding), issue a re-call on them for not doing their duty to TEXAS. They aren’t being paid for supporting the US , but for the citizens of Texas. HOWEVER, as Lindsey Graham commented, they may have just set a precedent for the REPULICANS in the US Congress! They might want to think twice about giving us any ideas!

      2. Exactly! And if this were Republicans doing this they wouldnt be hailed as heroes by Kamala Harris or anyone else! If they cant do their jobs they need stripped of their posts! Now who are the cry babies not getting what they want!!!!

      3. Thats my thought exactly.If they arent doing their job,they dont get paid .The fact that congress works 6 months out of the year and make millions ,Is appauling.Like All the other commies and sell outs.They know they will lose if they vote .
        Now they look like cowards and and sell outs.Being demonratz they cant stand actually doing their job that wasnt for “their” agenda

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  9. Government. Abbott should have each and every one of them arrested upon their arrival back in Texas and proceed with public recall votes on each one! Plus dock their salary for every day they were in DC and the cost of the charter flight!

    1. I say go there arrest them and force them to do their jobs.
      They can always be sequestered till they do.

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  13. I would like to know EXACTLY what the issue is with the bill. All I hear is “it makes it harder for people to vote.” I read the bill, I don’t see it. Maybe someone can explain it specifically to me.

  14. The State of Texas needs to start calling them up for abandoning there positions, remove them from office and get a fresh batch of lawmakers that wants to work. This is the silliest stuff I have seen!!

  15. RECALL all of them to remove from office, then hold a special election to elect people who want to work for Texans and not the liberal woke, whiney cry babies of D.C.

  16. They have abdicates their duties. They need to be fired or released or whatever you do when people don’t fulfill their obligations.

  17. Well, the Texas Governor should remove their paychecks, since they are not working for their constituents, they are wasting tax dollars, and everyone’s time. If they are not back, then the Governor should be able to remove them from their seats, even if he has to call an Emergency Order to remove and replace them so that the business at hand, requested by the Governor of Texas, can be handled and accomplished in a timely manner. If it cannot be, the Governor of Texas should be able to remove every one of those Democrats, for their fleeing Texas to DC!!!

    I wonder who put a bug in their bonnets to leave the state like that in the first place?
    Maybe they should be tied for Treason against the State of Texas, and against their Governor. They should also be ordered to pay back every penny of Taxpayer money they are wasting with their actions. When their actions truly cost them everything they have, everything they hold dear, maybe they will finally regret it, they will have to feel it mightily in their pocketbook personally first!!

  18. A plane load of fools and jerks. They are disgusting Americans and should be impeached for their actions. A new low for the Dems. Drink a beer and have some fun while your family sits at home wondering what you are doing. The question is what are you doing. Maybe the men and women who fought for this country should have run away. You are nothing but a group of idiots not worth talking about.

  19. Gov Abbott is correct in his thoughts of troublemakers !!! Regardless of political affiliation these people are elected or placed in their positions to represent the people of Texas – a lot of good they do in running off to DC !!! People of Texas deserve better from their representatives than this – such a lowly trick played on the people of Texas is not even bright, it’s lowlife !!! It’s removal time or jail time – they don’t get to decide !!!

  20. There has to be some rule/law that they can’t legally do what they are doing. They need to be charged for everything that it cost for them to pull this stunt, pay docked, jail time, and removed from office permanently. Come on governor Abbott, step up the game, they started it, you finish it.

  21. Freeze their pay until they return to do the job they were hired to do. If anyone of us walked away from our jobs not only would we not get paid we would be fired immediately, so Texans fire everyone of them

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