The Federalist says Marjorie Taylor Greene's calls for national divorce 'foolish' and a 'disaster'

 February 27, 2023

In an insightful piece for The FederalistNathanael Blake lays out the reasons why some on the right like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) think a national divorce might be a good idea, and why he thinks it's "foolish" and a "disaster" that would destroy us.

"The moral and cultural divisions in our nation are probably as deep as those preceding the Civil War," Blake acknowledges.

The left thinks traditional values are hateful and every action that doesn't lead to an equal outcome is racist or discriminatory, while the right wants to stick with equal opportunity and (some) want to live by biblical values because their faith requires it.

These differing values have played out in such disparate actions as the overturning of Roe V. Wade and putting biological men in women's prisons because they "identify" as women.

Uneven playing field

The problem is, it's not an even playing field. The left has power in the media and the culture, and is swaying people toward their views in ways that the right has had no effective way to combat.

Add to that the fact that the left is a "persistent aggressor," constantly pushing people to accept more and more radical ideas and using Big Tech and Hollywood to punish and shame anyone who doesn't go along.

Blake said,

The attraction national divorce has for some on the right is explained as much by the left’s aggression paired with its cultural and economic power as it is by the extent of our divisions. The cultural left impinges much more on even very conservative parts of red states than the right does on the most liberal areas in blue states. For the left, these are righteous victories, and they feel no need to apologize for them, but they are a persistent source of resentment on the right.

In other words, the left seems all too often like it's winning, and that is supremely frustrating for the right. Not only that, but the right is getting very worried that the left is going to destroy the country anyway, so why not preserve what we can before that happens?

Impossible situation

The federalist solution to these problems is smaller government and compromise, but many of these dichotomies do not lend themselves to compromise. How do you compromise when one side thinks abortion is a human right and the other side thinks it's murder?

How do you compromise when one side thinks transgender surgery for minors is child abuse and the other side thinks withholding these treatments is child abuse?

How do you decide between giving transgender women (biological men) rights to participate in women's sports and protecting the rights of biological women in those same sports?

It seems like an impossible situation, which is why Greene and others like her just want to take their toys and go home, i.e. split the country along ideological lines so they can continue on according to their values.

Blake's argument

Blake ultimately concludes that the right's values and ideas can win the day if we keep fighting for them, because they work better than the left's. While this sounds great, it doesn't seem convincing given everything he outlined about the left's cultural dominance.

We on the right hope he is correct because the alternative--the fall and destruction of our great nation--would be devastating to everyone on both sides.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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