Barr recalls sparring with Trump over election claims: ‘There was nothing there’

A new book alleges that former Attorney General Bill Barr thought then-President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud were “all bull****.”

According to The Hill, Barr’s comments came during a recent interview with journalist Jonathan Karl, the chief Washington correspondent for ABC News whose new book, Betrayal, is set to be released this November.

Excerpts of the upcoming book, which claims to break down the final days of the Trump administration, were published by The Atlantic on Sunday.

“There was nothing there”

In the Atlantic piece, Karl claims to have spoken not only with Barr, but also “with other senior officials in the Trump White House and Justice Department,” who he said “provided additional details about Barr’s actions and the former president’s explosive response.”

“My attitude was: It was put-up or shut-up time,” the former attorney general told Karl, alluding to the former president’s oft-repeated but never proven claims that the 2020 presidential race was tainted by voting irregularities.

“If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it,” Barr told Karl. “But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bull****.”

Notably, the then-AG was hesitant to come out publicly against Trump’s claims of election fraud, Karl said, even after urging from Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (KY). “But Barr told me he had already concluded that it was highly unlikely that evidence existed that would tip the scales in the election,” the journalist wrote for The Atlantic.

“He had expected Trump to lose and therefore was not surprised by the outcome,” Karl added. “[Barr] also knew that at some point, Trump was going to confront him about the allegations, and he wanted to be able to say that he had looked into them and that they were unfounded. So, in addition to giving prosecutors approval to open investigations into clear and credible allegations of substantial fraud, Barr began his own, unofficial inquiry into the major claims that the president and his allies were making.”

“It’s possible”

Barr eventually told the Associated Press that he’d uncovered no evidence of widespread fraud, a move that reportedly earned him the ire of then-President Trump.

“How the [expletive] could you do this to me? Why did you say it?” the former commander-in-chief is alleged to have told his attorney general in the final days of his presidency. “You must hate Trump. You must hate Trump.”

Despite the new report, Trump continued to argue that President Joe Biden’s November 2020 win was illegitimate at a rally in Ohio on Saturday, his first since leaving the White House.

“We won the election twice and it’s possible we’ll have to win it a third time,” Trump said, according to Reuters. “It’s possible.”

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20 Responses

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  7. When the 2020 election fraud comes to light through the audits,a horses backside is going to look better than treasonous,traitor Bill Barr.

    1. Barr never investigated the states involved in the Voter Fraud. He said he did but he lied, he was never going to investigate. He was a total lame jerk, he stabbed Trump in the back..He will find out how wrong he is when evidence comes to light. 80 million people in this country know Trump was Robbed of his second term.Dems wanted to ruin our country in 2016, they tried cheating for Hillary but it didnt go as they planned. So they thru out more cheating tactics in 2020. Trump Won.!! Now they are ruining our country.

    2. It’s all optics! Trump, Patriots they all know the plan, sticking to it! Trust the plan.
      Look at what’s being revealed, look at all of the STATES, not Barr, Not Trump, the STATES that are doing the audits. WE THE PEOPLE have the power and have begun to exercise it through the audits.
      Sometimes you need to appear to be weak, defeated when you’re actually STRONG!

  8. Yes you are so right on Kathy..Barr is a democrat..working for them if he was working for Trump he would have found the right answer..voter fraud
    he did nothing for Trump gave all the work to Durhem..and he is still sitting on it and always will be…they don’t like Trump because he is not in for the money only country.he had money lost money did not take salary while the rest raised there…how people don’t see this is beyound me..i pray everyday God will let the truth come out …

  9. William Barr was and still is a part of the Deep State and beholden to George Bushwho is tied to the Clintons and Obamas. Barr did a very superficial check into the allegations of voting fraud. Most of the DOJ is Deep State along with the FBI and neither Agency are trusted by a majority of the US Citizens anymore. Just like the Jan 6 investigation headed up by both, it has become an apparent sham investigation and prosecution designed to go nowhere near the Antifa or BLM. There are icredible reports coming out showing some forms of voter fraud as well as unindicted conspirators of Jan 6. The truth usually comes out sometimes years later…

  10. William Barr needs to be Debarred and face the Consequences in PRISON.
    he was and is a HABITUAL LIAR , CON ARTISTS and FRAUD . He was No better than Durham. Durham did nothing just like BARR.

  11. Will we ever know the truth? Not as long as the Cabal is running the country after their successful coup d’etat through an election they manipulated to get the outcome they planned!

  12. Throw Barr behind bars …

    Very Large High Security Prisons are infrastructure, no? That’s one Federal Expenditure I’d be amenable to as worthwhile … just don’t leave out the High-Output Gallows.

  13. YES!!!!
    Like with Fauci! President Trump will be claimed to be , “RIGHT AGAIN.”
    Like CHINA (Wuhan) being responsible for the epidemic!
    US MONEY went to this lab and Fauci knew it and hid it!
    When Hillary Clinton was Attorney General back when, there is an
    e-mail to that Phony Obama about the Wuhan Lab and the dangers
    of their work with a VIRUS!!!!!!

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