‘They know nothing’: Carlson blasts government response to COVID-19

Fox News host Tucker Carlson lamented Tuesday that while he says research suggests face coverings may not provide as much protection from the coronavirus as once believed, mask-wearing has become a compulsory feature of American life nonetheless.

In a stunning opening monologue, which was later adapted into an op-ed, the host of Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight savaged America’s leadership class for treating masks like “magic” while cracking down on anyone who questions their putatively supernatural qualities.

“Masks are magic”

“Dissent used to be a defining feature of American life, but no more,” Carlson said Tuesday, according to Fox. “Now we have mandatory consensus: Masks are good. Anyone who questions the utter goodness of masks is bad.”

The Fox host went on: “What they’re really telling you is that masks are magic. What appears to be a flimsy cotton face covering is in fact a holy amulet that protects us from the disease more reliably than any modern medicine.”

Carlson pointed to studies that call the effectiveness of masks into question, including a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that found over 70% of people infected in July had “always” worn masks. Another 14.4% had “often” worn one.

“In other words, almost everyone, 85%, who got the coronavirus in July was wearing a mask, and they were infected anyway,” Carlson lamented, as Fox reported. “So clearly, this doesn’t work the way they tell us it works. Clearly, someone’s been lying to us — many people, actually.”

Unfortunately, America’s leaders are more interested in using “science” to control people than follow data, Carlson said, noting that public officials like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) have likened people who don’t wear masks to murderers.

“They know nothing”

The refusal of America’s leaders to admit fault should make us doubt their sincerity and leadership, Carlson went on to argue, pointing to high-profile health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who previously dismissed masks in March — like many others had done before abruptly shifting course.

“All of us are learning about this on the fly. It was a new disease. There are a lot of things we didn’t know. But to pretend that you are speaking God’s word and rearrange our society on the basis of that and never acknowledge that you were completely wrong, that your assumptions were false, that’s the definition of dishonesty,” Carlson said Tuesday, according to Fox.

“It’s also the hallmark of the people who lead us,” he added. “They know nothing.”

In the meantime, with “science” as their tool, America’s leaders are forcing “dehumanizing” conditions on the country that don’t make any sense, Carlson lamented.

“By our nature, we want to see each other. We need to see each other. Looking at another person’s face is the beginning of connection,” he said Tuesday, as Fox reported. “Eliminating that connection dehumanizes us.”

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