‘They really fired me’: Arkansas woman says she was let go for refusing COVID vaccine

An Arkansas woman says she was fired from her job for refusing to get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

According to the Washington Examiner, Samantha Wise, a mother of five, says she lost her job at a local marijuana dispensary after she made clear to her employer that she wouldn’t be receiving one of three vaccines currently authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to fight against COVID-19.

“They actually did it — they really fired me — I didn’t think it was really going to happen,” Wise told a local news outlet, according to the Examiner.

“I would just rather not”

According to reports, Wise said her hesitancy to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus stems from a rocky history with medications and their side effects.

“I am always that 1 out of every 10 or so that has a bad reaction. I am that one — so, I would just rather not,” she told reporters with local NBC affiliate KARK. “I don’t have good reaction with a lot of medicine.”

Wise was reportedly let go from the staff roster at the Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas back in March, a move that left her shocked. The facility distributes medical marijuana, which is the only type of the drug that is legal in Arkansas.

“I knew most everybody’s names that came in there,” Wise recalled to KARK. “I liked making people’s day. That’s my main thing in life is to just make people smile.”

“A number of factors”

In a statement after her firing made headlines, the dispensary’s executive director, Robbin Rahman, said all of the organization’s employees are required to get vaccinated because of the risk that they say COVID-19 poses to its clientele.

“Harvest’s employees encounter upwards of 500 patients per day, often serving them in a one-on-one encounter,” Rahman told KARK. “In other words, absent a targeted program, a medical marijuana dispensary like Harvest would pose a serious threat to the very people it is designed to help.”

Still, Rahman said Wise was “terminated based on a number of factors,” not just her choice to remain unvaccinated.

“Of course, for any employee that has provided notice of a medical or religious basis for not receiving the vaccine, Harvest will attempt to accommodate such employee to the extent possible,” Rahman said.

According to the latest reports from NPR, more than half of all American adults have now received at least one dose of a vaccine to prevent the coronavirus. Around “84 million, or about a third of all adults, are fully vaccinated,” NPR said last week.

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19 Responses

  1. Sue them and when you do ask them what is in these vaccines. America has become nazi Germany. Joe Biden is a traitor and a total idiot who should be hung for treason. Every Democrat who thinks the American people should bow down to this nazi needs deported. You idiots are doing nothing but looking for a handout. You lazy uneducated fools. .

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  3. Plexiglas counter top “walls” protect both client and provider. It falls on the emloyer to protect staff, within reason. In my opinion it is not reasonable to mandate employees to subjct themselves to unneessary (unproven) risks.

  4. Hey, Harvest Dispensary — what happened to the belief that MASKS protect people, huh?? What did your employees do before the vaccine came around? Guarantee you didn’t close down your business and am sure your customers didn’t mind one bit coming in and getting their “medical cannibas” handed to them by Samantha when masks were the “miraculous” prevantative measure — just as people with medical conditions got service from professionals who weren’t vaccinated!! Of course, if masks were such a
    miracle, the question I pose is — why with all the lockdowns and masks did people still get sick? H-m-m-m-m… I think everybody with a little common sense is asking that question. Just more evidence about where we’re headed with this. Wonder if they would fire someone for not getting the flu vaccine? Or even bother to ask if their employees have them? Insanity truly reigns!

  5. She told them the truth about her immune system, it should be your right, you know your body. They always ask you how you feel about it before you get the vaccine, I have a reaction to it, wish had not got the second one. I have swelling in area and feel very weak for over a week

  6. Now this just sets a precedent for other employers to fire their staff from not getting the jab that has not been FDA approved and it hasn’t gone through all the clinical trials that a vaccine is suppose to! Again this is not right and i hope she does sue the pants off of them. This is unconstitutional! All the people wanting abortions always says my body my decision. So why is this any different! o to this company’s website and raise hell!

  7. Seriously, an owner selling cannabis without a doctor’s approval or dangerous drugs to people is complaining because she is wearing a mask but won’t get the shots. What is the third shot, all the vaccines I know are one shot or two shots not three. The only reason the owner who can now sell cannabis legally and make his money legally is he doesn’t want to lose money from a customer not showing up because he/she got covid from one of his employees. If he really cared about people he wouldn’t be selling cannabis in the first place, although it is probably an improvement for him from selling cannabis 24/7 on the street corners. And, I hate to say it if she is selling cannabis as her job she ain’t no better than him. Find a job where you aren’t in the position of hooking someone on drugs.

  8. What a great bunch of comments! I agree with all of them except perhaps with
    Original Anna’s judgement that people who sell a legal product are suspect. If
    Original Anna really believes that, I hope she comes down just as hard on everybody who sells cigarettes.

  9. freedoms being taken away 1 by 1. If a women can abort a child as it is her body, her choice then it is our body our choice whether we get vaccinated or not. I’m not as vaccinations always leave me near death, prefer the herd immunizations which has worked well for me for
    over 70 years

  10. Even if they DO catch the COViD, there is a 99 8% recovery rate. Get over it! ITS the FLU. It’s nothing but seeing how far the government can push you before you push back. Masks are a joke. I refuse to wear one and guess what? I’m still alive!!! Wake up and use the brain God gave you. I trust my T-cells to take care of me.

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