Sen. Tim Scott says protesters responsible for their own actions, not Trump

Senate Democrats will begin former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial begins this week despite Trump having left office last month.

Although the former president is facing accusations that he incited the deadly riot on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, South Carolina’s junior senator says he doesn’t see the evidence for that. 

In an interview on Monday with Fox News, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) insisted that responsibility for the unrest lies with those who actually broke the law. Scott told America Reports co-host John Roberts that “the president is simply not guilty.”

Individuals to blame

The Republican lawmaker recalled taking off his jacket and tie when the rioters arrived “in case I had to fight.”

“The chances of me understanding and appreciating the severity of the situation is 100 percent,” Scott noted. “The one person I don’t blame for that situation is President Trump.”

“I don’t blame the non-violent protesters outside,” he continued. “I blame the individuals coming in the chamber, coming in the building.”

“And so the Democrats should put the blame where it stands, where it should be,” he added. “And it does not have to do with the president who said go ‘peacefully’ to protest.”

Scott admitted that he felt Trump’s words “were not helpful in having folks gather at the Capitol,” but the senator went on to say that he doesn’t believe Trump “incited a violent insurrection against this country.”

Hypocrisy from Democrats

Scott then pointed to the “clear evidence” that some of the rioters engaged in “pre-planning,” noting that bombs were planted a day before the Capitol riot at the DNC and RNC.

“Putting all the blame or part of the blame on President Trump for the insurrection is just wrong, in my opinion,” he said.

Scott also recalled instances in which high-profile Democrats have used rhetoric calling for aggression and harassment, and yet experienced no consequences for doing so.

One of them is long-time Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who in a belligerent speech in 2018 called on her supporters to “create a crowd” and “push back on” any member of the Trump administration that they saw in a public place.

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32 Responses

    1. You are so right. Romney should be a Democrat. McConnell has money coming in from a pier in China. Liz Cheney is getting some backlash from her party.

    2. You are so right. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t stick together. They let Democrats get away with all the criminal things they have done. Why is no Republican going after Hillary, Obama, Biden, Hunter, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and it goes on and on for their breaking laws. Hillary got away with her email scam, Obama and Biden got away with spying on Trump. Pelosi and Schumer just break all the laws. Schiff and Nadler are also not accountable for all their law breaking ( the fake impeachment). Why can Democrats get away with every corrupt thing they do? Because Republicans let them. They are weak and useless. That is why Trump was the best, he was the only one with the guts to fight the corruption on the side of the Democrats that is why they hate him. He was the only strong person on the whole Republican party and that is why some Republicans are jealous. They stab him in the back only to hurt the Republican Party. We all know the Democrats stole this election. Republicans were too weak to even look into all the fraud that went on. Barr was a traitor from the beginning. He did not prosecute anyone for all the Democrats corruption. He said there was no election fraud. What a liar. Republicans don’t deserve to be in charge. They just let Democrats do whatever they want. Now Democrats want to make laws so they will ensure they will always be in charge and Republicans will most likely let them. Just like this election. Republicans should have stood with Trump and fought the election fraud. There was plenty of it. The one thing that makes President Trump the best President we ever had, he did what he had to regardless of everyone including Republicans being against him. He did more for this Country than any other President ever did, even with everyone against him. I will no longer support Republicans when you have weak people like, McConnell, Cheney, Collins, Romney and all the other Rhino’s. I can only hope Trump gets into Government again somewhere. I will definitely be their to support him.

    1. absolutely…And what about the groups that burned buildings, police cars, cars, shops, looted and on and on. These people planned and incited riots. Waters should be impeached, right. Pelosi definitely should be impeached for being behind the ‘peaceful gatherings’ that destroyed Seattle and Portland.

      1. Sadly, it won’t happen. Democrats are never held to account and the Republicans, most of them, are cowards who would rather hide under their little desk and only come out during their election. But what are we the people too do? I will NEVER vote for a Democrat and the Republicans are really a “DO NOTHING” Party . Either way, We The People are screwed.

        1. People like AOC lie and manipulate crowds to gain power and spread insidious rhetoric. She now calls for tax payer funding to re-educate and cancel radicalism; I will donate from my savings to de-radicalize her and send her someplace “safe” from herself and away from the American people she maligns daily. Recall her, Pilosi, Schumer, Schiffty, Mad Max, and the Biden cabal. Remember from history what happened to the tyranny in France, and when the English people deposed Cromwell and reinstated the rightful leadership. It is not beyond the realm of possibility to legally mimic that outcome here. Jobs lost, the fantastic economy suddenly in ruins overnight, the wolves have breached the door and need to be caged. Since last week the price of diesel has risen $1.00 a gallon and the price of meat and bread has jumped 40%. This is an oligarchy racing to become a kingdom of Orwellian proportions, with no good outcome.

        2. We need a party let by leaders like Trump. I pray Trump’s Post Office of the President will provide the leadership we need and possibly teach future leaders how to lead and fight if needed. We have to be smart, learn to stick together and become an effective force, before we lose our Country to these commie thugs. God Bless President Trump!

        3. We need a third party Most European country’s have three
          Partys; This way we have a choice. I refuse to join the Liberals/Democrats.

    2. Democracy was killed by the chief justice of the supreme court. He is the big bad wolf who blew the house down and continues to be a democrat. He truly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a donkey with stupid talkings and you cannot fix stupid.

    3. I agree people re tablespoon for their own actions, all though our military fights for thr USA every day as Americans should stand up for their rights , benefits etc, the USA is owned by the American people the government is owned by the American people, Every elected officials is responsible to Securing the USA & making every neighborhood safe, every day, not inciting hatred & hostility a what has been going on for decades , harboring fugitives for decades making every City & State sanctuary Cities , with the American peoples taxes, turning racism agonist white people , white law enforcement, denying white people rights monetary compensation, benefits, etc, for years, Discrimination agsint White people needs to be addressed all over the USA. the Democratic party has a trend of conspiring to cover up wrong doing for decades. Their trail of covering up wrong doing needs to be exposed. past , present & stopped for the future. all the way back fro Hillary Clinton & bill Clinton’s era through today , the American people’s White House needs to stop being used for getting rich, Congress needs to stopped being used for their own personal gains, & receiving a paycheck for fueling & inciting Illegal aliens for the purpose of the hiring into their Billionaire friend who donate big money into their campaigns , Denying Americans decent paying jobs, for decades, as they fill their own bank accounts starting restaurants , pizzeria’s etc. buying stocks etc. Senators who receive pay checks to deny American rights money, benefits, monetary compensation in cases, to steal the money to give to illegal aliens who disobey the laws of entering the USA legally, due to their spiteful misconduct , House of representatives members, who receive their checks for not implementing a national Security & nor fully funding the border wall for decades allowing spies, drug cartels, infestation betraying the USA, The American people, for way too many years raising taxes, denying Americans their rightful benefits, money, as these three groups of representative get paid for not doing their jobs, it is not unacceptable, Americans need to stop the stealing from decades ago, spiteful misconduct needs to be addressed in the USA, corruption must be uncovered past & present in the democratic party , they are not above the law Attacking D. J. /trump for nothing wrong from the day he was elected for this man doing the job Americans wanted him to do because all representative received a pay check for not doing their jobs in not implementing A full national Security not fully funding the border wall fro decades, Americans will not tolerate nobody before them past present or future. time for all of them who did place those who entered the USA before American to go as soon as possible they will not longer be on the Americans payroll. they can not handle the job American hired them to do.

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    1. I agree they have been on Trumps back from day 1.Need to clean out these rich controlling Democrats and vote out the Rinos.All those riots all summer long with billions in damages and way more deaths Democrats need to be held accountable for those.Those people don’t matter just the Democrats matter,double standards.

  2. Everything the Dems and RINOs are doing and have done is a major projection of THEIR actions. They hate Trump and have been doing dirt to him for the past four years.. Everything they do is to punish Trump, and they’ve forgotten their own constituents and the entire country in the process. We’ve all witnessed these actions, which have only continued even though their guy, Biden, is now in office (or is he?)…They are centralizing power.. creating a fascist dictatorship. Something has to be done and soon to stop this coup and destruction of our country, our values and our very freedom.

    1. I have to agree with Sandra and these questions must be answered!!!! Do we really know what is happening to our country? Check thru Congress and see who is making the decisions!!!

  3. Let’s not forget the angry leftists who attacked republicans in restaurants, at their homes and on the streets all at the urging of leftist politicians. The left have all remained quiet with some even supporting ANTIFA and BLM’s violence, looting, firebombing and killing of police and innocent civilians.

  4. Tim, you expressed yourself clearly. Thank you for standing up for the Values of our Great Country in a manner worthy of being compared to our founding Fathers, Your actions demonstrate the courage of a true leader who is committed to America and its Constitution for the People.
    We are a nation of citizens and ask What Can I Do to save Our Country. Not what our government can do for me.

  5. Democrats are purposely creating chaos to keep the public confused and the fake news so-called media is aiding and abetting the corrupt Alinsky leftist to great detriment of our system, our way of life, they want all of America to be like California. God help us!

  6. Democrats are purposely creating chaos to keep the public confused and the fake news so-called media is aiding and abetting the corrupt Alinsky leftist to great detriment of our system, our way of life, they want all of America to be like California. God help us!

  7. Watching these politicians arguing over something like this should wake up the American people to how much power they have. It’s hard to imagine people voting these clowns into office. We are really at a sad time in our country right now with the people that hold office. The dems are so scared of trump running again this is their only hope. They know and we know it was a rigged election and they know next election will not be so easy to falsify. Trump 2024

  8. Our government is just like Facebook, censors conservatives but is letting left wing do and say as they please. The media outlets need to be charged for putting false news to bend the thoughts of people,all the Democrats need to be charged and impeched for insiting violence, it is all on film.impeach them ,file charges against them ,do to them what they do to the right! Blm is funded by Kamala Harris, MN freedom fund, thoes were the ones who stormed the capital, it’s on film, 4 busloads, fire the FBI they are lefts.

  9. Why have the Republicans not filed charges against the left when they insured violence? Start filing charges against everything they do just like the left does to the right, if they would have ,we would not be were we are today, what happened to hunters laptops? What happened to Hillarys trial? Why was joe even allowed to run for president after being caught doing a quid pro quo? Why does the right keep allowing corrution from the left??

    1. I agree! I would not say to creep as low as Dems do, but it is time for us to start impeaching Dem leaders who cause incitement…..there are too many to even name!

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