NY Times columnist says Biden should not run in 2024 because he is ‘too old’ to be president

Most likely due to President Joe Biden’s abysmal job performance more than anything, a growing number of Democrats and allied media pundits have begun to openly discuss the once verboten topic of Biden’s advanced age and obviously declining cognitive capabilities.

The latest to do so was liberal New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who asserted Monday that President Biden was simply “too old” to run for a second term in office in 2024, the Conservative Brief reported.

The columnist ultimately concluded that Biden could exit the presidency with “no shame” by choosing to “step aside without conceding failure” and allow a younger Democratic nominee to run in his place in 2024, whether that be Vice President Kamala Harris or any number of “charismatic governors and senators” on the party’s bench.

Biden the head of a “gerontocracy” of “too old” political leaders

In her op-ed column Monday, Goldberg referenced President Biden’s previous failed bids for the presidency that first began in 1988 and observed that “By the time he finally achieved the office he longed for, he was far past his prime.”

She went on to suggest that many of the biggest problems Biden faced weren’t actually his fault, but wrote, “Nevertheless, I hope he doesn’t run again, because he’s too old,” and noted that even during the 2020 campaign he had “seemed too worn-out and unfocused.”

Goldberg cited a recent NY Times/Siena College poll which showed that 64 percent of Democrats didn’t want Biden to be the party’s nominee in 2024, and said, “Those Democrats cite Biden’s age more than any other factor, though job performance is close behind. Their concern isn’t surprising. Biden has always been given to gaffes and malapropisms, but there is a painful suspense in watching him speak now, like seeing someone wobble on a tightrope.”

For what it is worth, the columnist also spread her “too old” assertion to other elderly Democratic leaders who comprise a ruling “gerontocracy, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who are 82, 83, and 71, respectively, who now seem out of touch and behind the times.

“If there’s one consolation in Biden’s age, it’s that he can step aside without conceding failure. There’s no shame in not running for president in your 80s,” Goldberg wrote. She asserted that there were “plenty of possibilities” for a qualified replacement for Biden and concluded, “Biden said, during the 2020 campaign, that he wanted to be a ‘bridge’ to a new generation of Democrats. Soon it will be time to cross it.”

Liberal media finally questioning Biden’s age and capabilities

While Democrat-aligned media pundits like Goldberg are certainly late to the game in finally calling out President Biden’s advanced age and poor job performance, she is by no means the first or only one to do so, as evidenced by a Fox News report in June.

Indeed, The New York Times itself, along with several other left-leaning media outlets, have now published several articles and columns questioning whether Biden should run again in 2024 due to his age and policy failures, and pundits for cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC have boldly begun to float that question as well.

President Biden already holds the distinction of being the oldest president ever elected in U.S. history, and he would be well into his 80s if he were to run and actually win a second term in 2024.

To be sure, there are certainly plenty of Americans of advanced age who remain cognitively capable and mentally sharp, but those great elderly Americans are the exception rather than the rule, and Biden is most definitely not included in their number and, as the Times columnist suggested, he should “step aside” prior to the next election cycle and let somebody else rise in his place as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

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