Tom Barrack, former top Trump ally, acquitted on all charges

Team Trump scored a huge win last week after it was announced that Tom Barrack, a longtime member of the former president’s inner circle, was acquitted on foreign lobbying charges, the Washington Examiner reported. 

Barrack was acquitted of acting as an unregistered foreign agent in the United States and of conspiring to act as an unregistered foreign agent.

According to the Examiner, Barrack was also acquitted of “one count of obstruction of justice and six counts of making false statements.”

Matthew Grimes, one of Barrack’s associates, was also acquitted of charges he faced.

What happened?

After roughly 13 hours of jury deliberation, Barack and his associate were cleared, sparking celebration from the former president.

From the Examiner:

The men were accused and indicted last year. Prosecutors claimed that Barrack, along with Grimes, used his influence as a former fundraiser for Trump and the former chairman of Trump’s inaugural committee to promote issues important to the United Arab Emirates in exchange for monetary investments from the Emirati government.

Barrack and his legal team had argued that any work he was accused of doing illegally was not illegal, and simply part of his work at Colony Capital.

Barrack faced 15 years in prison had he been found guilty of the charges.

Barrack responds

“God Bless America, the system works,” Barrack said upon being released from the charges.

“These 12 people, normal people with such complex, unbelievable facts in front of them, somehow fight through all of the quagmires to find lady justice with a torch burning, and a judge who protects them,” he added.

As far as the timing of the acquittal being so close to the midterms, Barrack said the political angle is “annoying.”

“Let’s stop fighting with each other, let’s stop the politicization, whoever the president is, honor him and put all this garbage behind us. This is what America is. The politics are just annoying to all of us.”