Tom Cotton accuses Biden of ‘deliberate’ chaos at the border

More than 2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the southern border this fiscal year, with a month left to go.

The shocking figures represent a “deliberate” attack on the sovereignty of American citizens by the Biden administration, Republican senator Tom Cotton (Ak.) claimed in a Fox News interview.

Biden’s deliberate attack

Cotton blasted a report that migrants have been released without government tracking numbers as another example of the Biden administration’s negligence concerning immigration enforcement.

“All we do is send them into the interior of our country and say pretty, please report for a hearing at some point in the future,” Cotton said.

The senator also seemed to take a dig at Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbot, saying “Republican governors” shouldn’t be transporting migrants into the nation’s interior, either.

“Whether it is Joe Biden’s government, whether it is the Democratic mayor of El Paso, whether it is Republican governors, it is really unfortunate that we have migrants boarding buses and planes and going north into our country,” Cotton said.

“Joe Biden should be putting them on buses and planes and sending them south, back to their own countries,” he added.

“Not an accident”

Under Biden, federal immigration agents are being prevented from carrying out their duty, Cotton said.

“These men and women of Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement signed up to enforce the law, to protect our border, to defend our sovereignty, and Joe Biden will not let them do it.”

The unrelenting waves of migrants pouring through America’s southern border under Biden are “not an accident,” Cotton concluded, but “what Joe Biden and the Democrats want.”

Biden is refusing to take any responsibility for the crisis, claiming this week that migrants are “fleeing communism” and that it would be “not rational” to deport migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua who comprise just a portion of the overall migrant flow.

While Biden can pretend to be surprised by all of this, there’s no mystery to the border surge. These migrants are responding to the rational incentives that Biden has given them to break into the United States. The question then arises, why is Biden doing all of this?