Tom Sizemore, 'Saving Private Ryan' actor, admitted to ICU for brain aneurysm

 February 20, 2023

Fans of Saving Private Ryan star Tom Sizemore received devastating news this week. 

According to Fox News, the beloved actor suffered a brain aneurysm at his home. Sizemore is currently in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a local hospital.

"He is in the hospital," Charles Lago, a representative for Sizemore, told Fox News Digital. "His family is aware of the situation and are hoping for the best. It is too early to know about [a] recovery situation as he is in critical condition and under observation."

Fox added: "Sizemore is the father to twins Jagger and Jayden, whom he shares with Janelle McIntire."

Sizemore's background

Tom Sizemore is an American actor who was born on November 29, 1961, in Detroit, Michigan. He is known for his tough-guy persona and his ability to play complex characters with ease.

Sizemore began his acting career in the late 1980s and has since appeared in numerous films and television shows.

One of Sizemore's most notable roles was in the 1995 crime drama Heat, directed by Michael Mann. In the film, Sizemore played the role of Michael Cheritto, a professional criminal and member of the crew led by Robert De Niro's character. Of course, he also acted in the iconic war film Saving Private Ryan in 1998, playing the role of Technical Sergeant Michael Horvath.

In addition to his film work, Sizemore has also had a successful career in television. He had a recurring role in the popular HBO series Twin Peaks and also appeared in the critically acclaimed drama series The Leftovers on HBO. Sizemore has also appeared in a number of reality television shows, including Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Despite his successful career, Sizemore has faced personal struggles with addiction and legal issues. He has been open about his battles with substance abuse and has sought treatment multiple times. Despite these challenges, Sizemore remains a respected and talented actor in the industry.

"I’ve been trying to get sober since 1991 ... It became really big news much later than that, but I was trying to stop. I’ve had a problem for a long time. I had periods, long periods, of sobriety and I would end up relapsing," Sizemore said during a 2021 Fox News interview.

Well-wishes pour in

Given his popular roles in film and television, legions of Sizemore's fans wished the actor a full and speedy recovery on social media.

"Prayers are for Tom Sizemore right now while he remains in critical condition. Get Well ASAP Tom," one Twitter user wrote.

"Get well soon, Tom Sizemore. We need you back in the action," another user wrote

Sizemore, his family and his friends need all the prayers they can get right now.

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