Top adviser says Trump might plan upcoming visit to southern border

Although he has addressed the influx of undocumented migrants heading toward the United States, President Joe Biden has yet to visit the southern U.S. border.

According to a recent report, his predecessor might not be so reluctant to make the journey.

“I could see him doing that soon”

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, addressed the issue during an appearance on Friday’s episode of The Michael Berry Show.

“We discussed that recently,” Miller said of the possibility that Trump could stage a forthcoming trip to the U.S.-Mexico border. “I could see him doing that soon.”

Nevertheless, he said there were some concerns about the possible negative optics such a visit could create.

“I think there’s a very fine line between calling someone out on policies and then appearing to do something that’s showboating or give Joe Biden an opportunity to point and say, ‘See this isn’t serious, look at President Trump down at the border making a scene of this,'” Miller said.

As for the timing, he said a Trump trip would not be announced “immediately” but that it could come “at some point in the future here.”

“This is inhumane”

Miller asserted that the border crisis is “something that President Trump is really concerned about,” though it is no longer just conservatives who are calling attention to the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

CBS News reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez shared a graphic on Twitter that displayed data regarding the number of minors who have been detained at the border.

“New numbers — There were approximately 18,000 unaccompanied migrant children in U.S. custody as of this morning,” he tweeted. “Nearly 5,500 were being held in Border Patrol facilities, some of which are overcrowded, and 12,500 were being housed in HHS shelters and influx sites.”

Although the Biden administration has been reluctant to provide media access to the detention facilities, a number of GOP senators have shared photos depicting the situation.

For his part, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared: “This is inhumane, it is wrong and it is the direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden administration to stop building the wall, to return to catch-and-release, and to end the stay-in-Mexico policy.”

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29 Responses

  1. Biden is the one who is causing all the trouble at the border. He won’t admit that is really exist and that it’s a real crisis. Biden is braking the laws of this country and should be charged for it.

    1. Trump should not go to the border. Let Biden Fall on his face.
      “Let Americans see what the Democratics are, not for
      American first. That’s for sure.
      They only want Votes and the don’t care about you.
      They don’t care who lives they destroy as long as they get
      what they want.
      The only why they win the election is by cheating. Biden is an
      expert, he has done it all his life.

    2. Don’t go.
      Easily set to be a trap for him either bodily or political.
      Let the situation fall as it may by those who created it.
      But I understand if he thinks there’s a specific benefit for him to go. Then, Godspeed.

    1. Yes he is. All Democrats are. If they weren’t a lot of them in Washington would be in jail right now, like Comey, Hillary, and most of the top FBI. As far as I know, there is not one of therm that has had to pay the consequences for what they have done. Neither the people in the election fraud. The only way this will ever stop, is to start enforcing the law, which is not being dfone.

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  3. President Trump had our country headed the right way and the Dems fixed to election so he would lose out of jealousy hate and control and look at us 2 months later when they got there beloved biden in 2 million covid shots lost pipeline shut down chaos at the border and I could go on filling pages if he isnt stopped there will be no more America as we know it in his 4 year chaos

  4. This president is a failing president! He is NOT a leader to his people! He doesn’t even CONSIDER WHAT this situation at the border IS DOING to the Country let alone the CITIZENS of this Country! He has refused to go to the Border to see for himself what HE HAS CREATED! Not TRUMP, BIDEN DID THIS!!
    President Trump had it under control and Biden came in and wiped what he did totally away, OPENING IT WIDE UP!! HE IS INSANE!! It is LIVES that HE is Messing With!

  5. At the moment I don’t think President Trump should go down to the border, because Biden will use it as political fodder. Let the democrats hang themselves first and then go down.

  6. I am one that head back Trump do his presidency but I’ll be damned if I’m the one to take the vaccine shot I have no idea why he promoted that people are dying from the shops and they take over your immune system they stop people from having babies there’s all kinds of documents out on this why would he promote something like this

    1. He promoted Hydroxychloroquine they destroyed him for that. His only other choice was these BS vaccines that if you do your research aren’t vaccines at all. I think he was counting on republicans to have higher IQs then the dims. This hoax is the flu. I know of no Trump supporters who have taken this deadly vile dna changing POS.

  7. Biden has not been elected. There is only a rumor that he was. There is no evidence Biden having collected the votes from real voters. Al the statistics of votes made for Biden to become President is fake. There is no Data otherwise. In addition Biden’s political history is filled with treasonous acts. who would have voted for him/ also he is senile. Only Democrats could have offered this man as a candidate for the White House office. And they did. What is a wonder why does it stick? i think it is possibly because Deep State is behind this affair.

  8. President Trump … don’t rush in to bail out the enemy. Let them put their neck in the noose. They’ll hang themselves.

    1. I agree, but I am afraid of the damage being done to our country while the dummorats are playing around with politics!

  9. I agree with all of these people I would not want him to go to the Border let Sleepy Joe look bad his Ratings have Dropped he should be impeached and so should Kamala Harris!!!!

  10. Do not worry about upstaging the presidents we have not – biden, harris, obamma and other unnamed ones. Go and report what we have to see as no one else is going it, except Cruz and his fellow Congressmen

  11. Well, now that the liberal immigration policies have blown up in the Biden administration’s face like no other, we don’t hear much from any of the squad or the liberals running the show. I hear about their unconstitutional gun control agenda, which they also want to screw up. Ask yourself, how much do you trust these liberals to run our country? In less than three months we have seen the worst humanitarian crisis develop at the border and within our own country that we could ever imagine taking place.

  12. President Trump please go there and release the facts on how OBiden and his administration is destroying this country and how inhumanly he is treating these children.

  13. If you do go to the Border Trump, invite all of the US Left Side Senate carrying Holder/Beto’s Guns and exchange them for the usual suspects coming North. That way the Senate doesn’t have to worry anymore about getting their Drugs shipped Northbound by those invisible Coyotes, right there for em’. Hunter will insure those Guns get deported without detection.

  14. Let the zombie president and camel toe show they cannot handle anything inn a positive way, only make it worse. My President would be better off meeting with AZ, New Mexico, and Texas Governors, AG’s, Legislatures, and Lawyers figure a way to continue building the wall. From what I read there is a law that would prevent the feds from not allowing the steel from being used. The next thing would be to build it 10 to 20′ inside the states and ranches. Start a go fund the wall campaign. I’m sure money would be pouring in from many many states that would be affected. I live on a small pension and social security, I would send 10G’s even if I can’t afford it. Structure it so it’s tax deductible.

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